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Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough Rocket Town

Items: Drill Arm, Yoshiyuki and a Power Source.
When you enter this town you'll get the funky sector 6-slum music and a fair amount of people, talk to them all and they will mention about the rocket etc. Go to the shops and stock up on items, the better weapons and any materia you don't have. If you talk to the person outside the item shop and opt to view the rocket he will give you a Yoshiyuki.

Go into Cid's house at the top end of the town where you'll find Shera, she will tell you that President Rufus is coming to town about the Space project, get all the items and head outside into the back garden, your party will decide they want the plane so head over to the rocket and go inside it, there you'll find Cid.

Talk to him about everything on the list by asking one at a time, leaving the rocket and going back inside to ask about something else, you'll learn all about the Shinra and the failed mission. When you ask him about using his plane he'll do a lot of "@*$&%#-ing", meaning no. So go back to his house and talk to Shera again, there'll be a flash back and you'll see that Cid stopped the launch because of Shera, Cid will come in and yell at Shera to get tea, Palmer will enter and Cid will go outside to meet Rufus.

Go outside and you'll hear Cid being told that they need the Tiny Bronco because Sephiroth crossed the sea, Shera will ask you to step inside, there she'll tell you that Palmer is stealing it, go through the back door and you'll have to fight him.

Boss: Palmer
Palmer is weak against wind so bring out Choco-mog. Other than using Choco-mog just use regular attack because this fight is ridiculously easy and isn't worth the Mp, you'll get an Edincoat for winning.

Once you've beaten Palmer the party will jump onto the currently moving plane, Cid joins them as they fly out and Shinra soldiers fire at the plane causing it to loose control and crash into the Sea. Here you'll get Cid who says you can use it however you like, Now you can go north and follow the coast to Wutai if you like. If you don't want to then go back to Gongaga Village again (skip past the next section). Don't worry you can always do the side-quest later, when it will be much easier. Don't start it if you don't intend to finish it because you won't be able to.


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