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Final Fantasy 7 - Getting Ultimate Limit Breaks

Cloud: Omnislash
Found on any disc and needs to be exchanged for Bp in the battle arena at the gold saucer. On disc one you need 64,000 BP on disc's two and three you need 32,000 BP Cloud attacks random enemies 15 times in total. If his level is high enough he can take up to 9999HP everytime.

Barrett: Catastrophe
Can be found in North Corel after you've saved North Corel from the train in Disc 2. Go to North Corel and in a hut a woman in a green hat will give it to you. This attack deals 20 blasts of powerful energy to all enemies in a random order.

Tifa: Final Heaven
Found in her house in Nibleheim. Play the piano using the code: X, Sq, Tri, R1+Tri, R1+ Sq, X, Sq, Tri, R1+X, O, X, Sq, X. You've got to have her on your team. This move comes as part of the Tifa Limit-break combo, she will do all her other moves to random enemies then when she gets to this she'll throw a random enemy and cause an explosion. Damage depends on her level.

Aeris: Great Gospel
This has to be done on disc one. Once you recieve the buggy head back over to the costa del sol and take the ship back to Junion. Go east from here and follow the river until you find a crossing point. Head north and you'll find a cave, ask how many times you've battled, if he only gives you a Bolt ring head out side and fight some more. If the number of times you fight has the last two digits the same, eg. 122 or 577 he will give you an item, if he doesn't give you Mithril first time them go outside and fight eleven times to ensure the last two digits are equal, then go back inside and he'll give you the Mithril. Once you have this continue with the game and once you have the Tiny Bronco use it to go to the hut (the same hut of the guy who sold Dio the keystone). Give him the Mithril then go to the second floor and open the "small" box (looks like a safe) to get the Limit break.

Note: This limit break is awesome, it makes all party members invincible for the duration of the battle and it restores their HP and MP.

Red XIII: Cosmo Memory
Open the safe in the Shinra Mansion (located in Nibleheim). Fight the monster and you get Cosmo Memory for winning. This attacks all enemies at once and takes a lot of HP from them.

Cait Sith: Slots - Mog-dance
Get this through the duration of the game.

Cid: Highwind
In the submarine go to the Gelnika plane wreck, you'll find it in the room with the broken helicopter. In the limit break Cid uses the Plane Highwind to drop 80 bombs on all enemies, a very cool limit attack I must say.

Yuffie: All Creation
Defeat the Pagoda and you'll get this at the end for your trouble. Yuffie uses a powerful beam of energy and attacks all enemies.

Vincent: Chaos
You can get this only on Disc Three. Go back to the waterfall in the Sub. Inside you'll see Lucretia, watch the cut-scene, go back outside and then go back in straight away, walk up to the alter and you'll get both the weapon and the Limit break. This turns Vincent into a flying monster which attacks with one of two moves (you can't control them):

1. Chaos Saber - A powerful blast of fire to all enemies.
2. Satan Impact - Looks different to Chaos Saber but still deals fire damage to all enemies.


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