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Final Fantasy 7 - Getting Vincent

Out of the two secret characters you are able to find in Final Fantasy VII, Vincent is the strongest of the two, while Yuffie, the other secret character, is used more for stealing. Finding Vincent, however, is still a bit of work. During or anytime after your first visit to the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, Vincent will be locked away in the basement of the mansion. Eventually, you will find your way down there and you will see a wooden door, but it is locked. Guess what? We'll need to find a key for the door!

You'll have to do a little detective work around the Shinra Mansion. In order to obtain the key to the door, you need to unlock the safe on the top floor of the Shinra Mansion. Find the safe and bear in mind that you will have only 20 seconds to open the safe correctly. Since this is not a walkthrough of the game, we'll just be telling you the correct code to open the safe so you can quickly obtain Vincent.

The following code to open the safe is:

Right 36, Left 10, Right 59, Right 97

While entering the code, don't go past any number while entering the combination, or it will not work! Also, before you open the safe, you just might want to save your game, since when you open the safe, you'll be attacked by a boss called Lost Number.

Since Lost Number is an optional boss not featured in the main walkthrough found on this site, we'll tell you here how to defeat the boss.

Lost Number can be an easy boss, or a difficult boss, depending on how you handle him. If you have not lost Aeris yet at the end of Disc 1, add her to your party and set her Limit Break to Level 1 and have her use Seal Evil on Lost Number to paralyze the beast for most of the battle. When its paralyzed, just pummel it with everything you got. By the time it recovers, you should have really made a dent in Lost Number's HP.

This boss is divided into two sides: purple and red. The purple side lives after it loses a certain amount of HP, it will only attack your party with physical attacks, while if the red side lives, it will attack your party with magic attacks. So, what to do? Fight the purple side with magic (as its very resistant to physical attacks) and fight the red side with physical attacks (as its very resistant to magic attacks). Also, you could either cast Aeris' Seal Evil limit break again or use the Choco/Mog summon to paralyze Lost Number.

For winning the battle, you get the Basement Key and Red XIII's Level 4 Limit Break, Cosmo Memory.

Go back down to the Basement of the Shinra Mansion and unlock the Wooden Door you come across. In the room, go up to a coffin resting in the center. Press O and Vincent will come out of the coffin. Once he re-enters his coffin, talk to him again and he'll tell you that his name is Vincent. He'll now go back to sleep. Upon exiting the Shinra Mansion, he'll appear and join your party.

Congratulations! Vincent is now under your control and you can do as you wish with him!


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