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Final Fantasy 7 - Enemy Skills

Enemy Skills in the order that they appear in the Materia Menu.

Skill Name: Frog Song
MP Cost: 5MP
What it Does: Adds the Frog and Sleep status ailments to one enemy.
Learned: from frogs, these are quiet common in the Temple of the Ancients and in the circular forest surrounding Gongaga village.
How?: The frogs will most likely use this on you anyway but to be sure they do, manipulate them.

Skill Name: L4 Suicide
MP Cost: 10MP
What it Does: Enemies with an exp level that is a multiple of four will lose almost all their Hp. This skill will not (contrary to the name) kill enemies outright, at best it will leave them with 1 Hp. Enemies will also be inflicted with "Minimum Status".
Learned: From the strange Squirrels that can be found on the Northern Continent and surrounding the Chocobo ranch.
How?: Cannot be manipulated. Learn if they use it on you, but you may have to wait.

Skill Name: Magic Hammer
MP Cost: 3MP
What it Does: Will hit enemies and gives you a draining effect, at times giving you 100MP (depending on the enemies MP).
Learned: From Razor Weeds found in the Darker areas on the Northern Most point of the Western Continent.
How?: This enemy can be manipulated, so have it use this against those with enemy skill material. Choose the third option during manipulation for this attack.

Skill Name: White Wind
MP Cost: 34MP
What it Does: This skill will give you characters some more HP and will remove any status ailments, a sort of Cure/Esuna healing spell, this is a useful skill to have.
Learned: from Zemzelett's (look similar to cacti and are white and green) located near Junon, and Wind Wings that you fight at the start of the second disc (when chasing Sephiroth into the crater).
How?: Learn this only through manipulating these enemies as they wont use it to cure your team, only themselves.

Skill Name: Big Guard
MP Cost: 20MP
What it Does: Simultaneously casts the same effects as Haste, Barrier, and MBarrier on the whole team.
Learned: from Beach Plugs found on the beach near Gongaga
How?: Must be manipulated (choose the second option).

Skill Name: Angel Whisper
MP Cost: 50MP
What it Does: An angel will appear above one party member and bring revive them if they are "dead". All Status ailments are removed and any bad effects are dispelled. HP will also be restored according to the HP of the user.
Don't use on enemies (to reduce their Hp to yours) as it will only heal them.
Learned: From Polan Solitas in the Northern Crater, if you choose to take the right path when you meet the whole group.
How?: Can either wait for them to use it or manipulate them to use it (last option)

Skill Name: Dragon Force
MP Cost: 19MP
What it Does: Increases Physical and Magic Defence.
Learned: from Dark Dragons in the Northern Crater.
How?: Must be Manipulated (second option).

Skill Name: Death Force
MP Cost: 3MP
What it Does: One party member becomes immune to instant death attack (will still die if they run out of HP).
Learned: from Adamantaimai on the shore of the Western Continent.
How?: Manipulation only, choose the bottom option.

Skill Name: Flame Thrower
MP Cost: 10MP
What it Does: A jet of fire is unleashed against one enemy, do not use against the monster you learn it from itself as it will absorb HP from it.
Learned: From the Red Dragon and the Blue Dragon (encountered at Nibleheim and in the Icicle cave before you fight Schizo. Also many other enemies use this attack in many areas.
How?: These enemies will most likely use this on you anyway as their main attack, but the dragons can also be manipulated.

Skill Name: Laser
MP Cost: 16MP
What it Does: Reduces one enemies health to half what it was originally (like Demi 2).
Learned: From Either Death Claws in The Dessert Prison or from Dark dragons when you go to the crater in Disc 3.
How?: Either manipulation of the dragon (top option) or wait for it to use you.

Skill Name: Matra Magic
MP Cost: 8MP
What it Does: Missiles are fired at all enemies; this is a non-elemental magic attack.
Learned: from Sweeper Custom's around Midgar or the Several Sectioned robotic/tank like enemies in the underwater reactor at Junon.
How?: Through Manipulation of the Sweeper Custom (last option).

Skill Name: Bad Breath
MP Cost: 58MP
What it Does: A black smoke "hits" all enemies and inflicts Confusion, Frog, Minimum (Shrink), Mute, Poison, and Sleepel on them.
Learned: From Mobors (huge green plants with Anemone like tentacles and big mouths) on the ledges outside Gaeas Cliff and in the Norther Crater if you choose the right pathway.
How?: It will use this on you anyway so when learning the skill wear ribbons and accessories, which protect you from this attack as it can really harm your party.

Skill Name: Beta
MP Cost: 35MP
What it Does: Inflicts magic damage on all enemies. A red shape will appear and inflict the damage.
Learned: From the Midgar Zolom.
How?: Uses when he's riled up and standing tall, this is also his desperation attack so to make it more likely that he uses it take off heavy damage.

Skill Name: Aqua Lung
MP Cost: 34MP
What it Does: A series a blue bubbles hit all enemies with a water based magic atttack.
Learned: from Jenova Birth at the end of Disc One, Harpy around the Gold Saucer and the Serpent in the Sunken Plane wreckage that can be accessed in the Submarine and is located near the Gold Saucer submarine bay.
How?: Most will use this attack on you anyway but the Harpy can be manipulated, when you do select the last choice.

Skill Name: Trine
MP Cost: 20MP
What it Does: A golden coloured pyramid hovers over all enemies and deals lightening damage. This is a very effective attack and is useful to have.
Learned: From Godo in Wutai's Pagoda. From Stilve's living inside the frozen mountain and from the Materia Keeper that you fight through Mount Nible on your way to rocket town.
How?: The Materia keeper is the enemy most likely to use this on you naturally. All enemies cannot be manipulated to obtain this skill so when fighting them hope for the best.

Skill Name: Magic Breath
MP Cost: 75MP
What it Does: Bubbles (similar to aqua breath but a variety of colours) will attack all enemies and deal Fire, Ice and Lightening magic damage.
Learned: From the Stilve in the frozen cave (the glacier on the Northern Continent) and from Parasite's in the Northern Crater.
How?: The parasites can be manipulated which will enable you to learn this skill quickly (choose the bottom choice).

Skill Name: ????
MP Cost: 3MP
What it Does: A weight will drop and deal damage equalling the amount that the caster has received in battle.
Learned: From Jersey's in Nibleheim and Purple Behemoths in Midgar (disc two).
How?: Behemoths are rare so you're better off battling Jerseys and waiting for them to use it on you (they cannot be manipulated).

Skill Name: Goblin Punch
MP Cost: 0MP
What it Does: One enemy is given physical damage, which is multiplied if that enemy has the same EXP level as the Puncher.
Learned: From Goblins in the forested island located in the Northeaster section of the map.
How?: These enemies are likely to use this attack on you anyway, if its nearing the end of the battle and they still haven't manipulate them and choose the centre option.

Skill Name: Chocobuckle
MP Cost: 3MP
What it Does: An attack that improves in strength the more you flee from battles. A bug chocobo bounces on your enemies.
Learned: From a Chocobo In disc one learn from a chocobo outside the ranch.
How?: Ensure you have some Mimett greens and have Learned L4 Suicide. Battle a chocobo, throw it a Mimett green then use L4 Suicide, with some luck it might use this on you. If not, try again until this works.

Skill Name: L5 Death
MP Cost: 22MP
What it Does: Attacks one enemy, if their level is a multiple of 5 they will die instantly.
Learned: From Parasites in the Northern Crater.
How?: Manipulate them and choose the middle option.

Skill Name: Death Sentence
MP Cost: 10MP
What it Does: One enemy has death cast on them and a countdown will appear over their head, when this reaches 0 they will die.
Learned: From Bound Fat's in front of the Forgotten Capital in the City Of The Ancients and from Sneaky Steps in the GI Cave.
How?: The Bound Fats will counter attack you with this skill when they die so just kill them to learn it. The Sneaky Steps will most likely use this on you in the due course of battle.

Skill Name: Roulette
MP Cost: 6MP
What it Does: Either a party member or an Enemy is killed instantly, but this falls to chance so you will have to decide if it's worth the risk.
Learned: From Death Dealers found all over the world map randomly.
How?: Manipulate them and choose the second option when the ability window appears.

Skill Name: Shadow Flare
MP Cost: 100MP
What it Does: A black Flare deals magic damage to a one opponent.
Learned: From Ultimate Weapon in Disc Three and Dragon Zombies in the Norther Crater.
How?: Ultimiate weapon will use it as a counter attack upon its death and the Dragon Zombies will use it on you anyway.

Skill Name: Pandora's Box
MP Cost: 110MP
What it Does: This will deal physical damage to all enemies.
Learned: From Dragon Zombie in the Northern Crater situated down the right path.
How?: Unable to manipulate these so unfortunately, you'll have to wait for them to use it.


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