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Final Fantasy 7 - Chocobo

Chocobo’s are classified into different categories:

Moderate (OK)

In order to know what classification your Chocobo is, Choco Billy at the Chocobo Ranch will tell you by how he describes your Chocobo:

Wonderful: “This is a wonderful Chocobo!”
Great: “This is a great Chocobo.”
Good: “Mmm, this seems like a good Chocobo.”
Fair: “Mmm, this one’s not bad.”
Average: “This is a pretty average Chocobo.”
Moderate (OK): “This Chocobo’s so-so.”
Poor: “This one doesn’t seem to be very good.”
Weak: “I really can’t recommend this one.”

Each Classification will mainly stay in the same areas of the world.
In order to find a certain classification of chocobo:

Wonderful: Icicle Inn surroundings
Great: Mideel surroundings
Good: Gold Saucer surroundings
Fair: Junon and Wutai surroundings
Average: Gold Saucer and Wutai surroundings
Moderate (OK): Rocket Town surroundings
Poor: Chocobo Ranch and Junon surroundings
Weak: Chocobo Ranch and Icicle Inn surroundings

In order to capture a chocobo
Chocobos are easy to capture if you have the right materials. You can buy the Chocobo Lure materia at the Chocobo Ranch. This enables you to lure a chocobo into battle. The Chocobo Lure materia costs  2,000 GIL. Also, buying greens will be helpful to keep the chocobo’s mind distracted during the battle.

1) Find an area on your world map where chocobo footprints have been left.
2) There you will find a chocobo in battle. When you enter a battle, quickly throw a green at the chocobo so it is not frightened away from the battle.
3) Fight off the enemies that are surrounding the chocobo and use as many greens as necessary to keep the chocobo occupied.
4) When the enemies have been defeated, you have captured the chocobo.

Note: Take care not to attack the chocobo! This will make it go into a frenzy and it will first attack a few of your members. Shortly after, it will flee from battle. Only good if you want to amuse yourself...

Breeding Chocobos
When you breed two chocobos, you are often times able to acquire a different type of chocobo with different abilities. Breeding two chocobos together requires a male and female and a certain type of nut for them.

Yellow Chocobo: These chocobos are everywhere around the Planet. Their only ability is to cross over land.
Green Chocobo: Green Chocobos can cross over mountains and land.
Blue Chocobo: Blue Chocobos can tread over land, but has the unique ability of moving over shallow waters and
rivers. Blue Chocobos cannot cross deep waters.
Black Chocobo: Black Chocobos have the qualities of yellow, green, and Blue Chocobos: they cross land,
mountains, and shallow waters and rivers.
Gold Chocobos: Gold Chocobos are capable of crossing anything. Whether it’s mountains, deep water, land,
or shallow water, nothing cant block this chocobo from crossing it. Woo-hoo!

Green Chocobo
In order to breed a Green Chocobo, you need a male, GOOD chocobo and a female, GREAT chocobo. Make sure you have at least three stables open for the male, female, and their chocobo. Once you have both of your chocobos at the Chocobo Ranch, it is time to acquire the Carob Nut.

To obtain a Carob Nut, steal from the Red Dragon on the world map by BONE VILLAGE. He isn’t hard at all, yet has a large amount of HP. After you have your Carob Nut save your game then breed your two chocobos together. If you do not obtain a Green Chocobo, load your game and try again. Sometimes it takes several tries before getting the Green Chocobo. However, if you do this process, you may acquire a Blue Chocobo. Do not restart your game, because in order to acquire a Blue Chocobo, you need to do the exact same process as obtaining a Green Chocobo. It does not matter which chocobo you get first (blue or green).

Blue Chocobo
Follow the same steps as the Green Chocobo. You should get the opposite gender of the Green Chocobo. This same rule follows if you acquired the Blue Chocobo first.

Black Chocobo
To receive a Black Chocobo, save your game then mate your green and Blue Chocobos together along with a Carob Nut. If you are having difficulty producing a Black Chocobo, feed your green and Blue Chocobo greens. You can buy greens from the Chocobo Sage or from the Chocobo Ranch owners. Also, racing your chocobo and getting them into different class ranks should boost your chances of producing a Black Chocobo.

Gold Chocobo
Gold Chocobos can be obtained by taking your new Black Chocobo, male or female, and mating it with a WONDERFUL chocobo of the opposite gender. Yet just like the Black Chocobo, if you find difficulty receiving a Gold Chocobo,  feed it good greens and maximize it's rank in racing.

Chocobo Racing
You may ride your chocobo around the world map and can also race your chocobo at the Golden Saucer. Talk to Estar at the Golden Saucer to race your chocobo. You may either race your chocobo manually or automatically by pressing the select button. Speed is a part of racing, yet the true key to winning a race is through the chocobo’s stamina. As you race, choose the time to use your stamina carefully. Stamina can slowly be regained by holding down the R1 an R2 buttons together. After winning three races you should move up to different class ranks, which means racing will become more difficult.


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