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Final Fantasy 7 Index

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 7 Review

Final Fantasy 7 has been labeled by reviewers and true Final Fantasy fanatics alike as "Quite possible the greatest game ever made." In 1997, Square had released a part of the ever-growing franchise that quickly became a legend and arguably the greatest achievement during the Sony Playstation 1 era; an utter masterpiece to the video game world. Gamers worldwide would experience their first Final Fantasy ported to the Playstation from the beloved Nintento and would be treated graciously with astonishing graphics, memorable characters and a compelling storyline. The game contains one of the most controversial and emotional plot twists in the history of Final Fantasy and possibly all games: the sudden and early death of Aeris. Fans would mourn the surprising loss of a beloved character, only to sit awe-struck at the outcome. This event, among numerous others, created a unprecedented bond between player and game that demanded your full attention and heart from beginning to end, making the game an instant legacy.

Not only was Final Fantasy 7 a complete astonishment to the eyes and to the heart, but the Official Soundtrack left an incredible impression on the ears. The melodies are simply indescribable - the ever popular One-Winged Angel being a prime example of Square’s unmatched composition of an astounding orchestra intertwined with powerful vocals; The theme did not need to be formally translated from it’s core language of Latin in order to expose the depth of the fierce, pitiless, soul that is Sephiroth, the unforgettably vengeful villain of Final Fantasy 7.

Square’s great accomplishment had made Final Fantasy 7 into more than just a video game. They have taken the RPG and extended the title to unexpectedly surprising heights. Square-Enix had most likely never imagined a movie, though it was quite obvious after the outrageous popularity, something had to give! Square-Enix had released Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children, a CG animation movie sequel to the legendary game. So on, they made other games such as the cellular phone game, Final Fantasy 7: Before Crisis (also known as Crisis Core) and Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus which ended on the next generation console of Sony Playstation 2. The admirable and endearing characters were even featured in later Square-Enix titles such as Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II.

Arguably an unmatched feat in all of these aspects combined, Final Fantasy 7 is still being purchased by many Final Fantasy fanatics. It is an incredible RPG that combines the efforts of misused human ambition in the pursuit of knowledge with the strength of virtue in the select few souls who are committed to saving what is left of the barely breathing planet. Final Fantasy 7 created and RPG revolution to say the least. It will always be remembered as one of the most beloved achievements in gaming history.

Final Fantasy 7 Information
Game: Final Fantasy 7
Developer: Squaresoft
Publisher: Squaresoft (JP), SCEA (US), SCEE (Europe)
Genre: RPG
Medium: CD-ROM
Platform: PSX, PSOne, PC

Final Fantasy 7 Release Date
Japan: 01/31/1997
USA: 08/31/1997
Europe: 11/01/1997
Final Fantasy 7 Box Arts
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Table of Contents
Index - Provides basic information on Final Fantasy 7 including review, logo, box arts and release dates.

Characters - Profiles of all the main characters in Final Fantasy 7.

Chocobo - A guide on handling and using chocobo in Final Fantasy 7.

Emerald Weapon - A strategy guide to one of Final Fantasy 7's secret boss.

Item List - Listing of all the items (not equipments) that can be found in Final Fantasy 7.

Limit Breaks - A listing of all the Final Fantasy 7 characters limit breaks, complete with detailed description.

Materia - Complete listing of all the materia that can be obtained in Final Fantasy 7 (Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow and Red).

One Winged Angel Lyric - The lyric and translation to the most famous Final Fantasy 7 music.

Wallpapers - Official Final Fantasy 7 wallpapers for your personal usage.


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