Final Fantasy 6 / VI / FF6 - World of Balance Side Quests
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Final Fantasy 6 - World of Balance Side Quests

World of Balance Quests

Magicites Golem & Zoneseek
Head over to the Auction House in Jidoor, and speak to the guy at the door to start bidding on items. Bid on the offered magicites. Zonseek costs 10000 GP while Golem costs 20000 GP. If the said items are not up for auction, simply leave Jidoor then return.

Getting Mog
Fly to Narshe aboard your airship and head into town. There, go to where Arvis' house is and go south bypassing the stairs. Enter the house you see at the end of the path. Inside, you'll meet Lonewolf the Pickpocket. He will then run away. Grab all the treasures in here afterwards.

Now leave the house and go after Lonewolf towards the north end of town. He will be at the lower area here so you won't be able to reach him yet, so enter the mine directly ahead. Navigate to the exit and move to the top of the mountain. You'll meet up with Lonewolf again. Eventually, you'll get to choose who you wish to save. Saving Lonewolf will earn you a GOLD HAIRPIN. If you save Mog, then he will join your party.

Obtaining Mog's Water Rondo Dance
First, make sure that Mog is in your party and have your airship land near Nikeah. From there, head to Barren Falls, then through the Veldt Cave and the Serpent Trench. Beat all the enemies you meet at the trench. You will get the dance once you reach the end of the trench.


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