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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Scenario 3 - Sabin

Lone House
Enter the lone house here. Talk to Shadow, who is by the well and have him join you. Speak to the merchant on the chocobo here and stock up on Tonics. Go back to the world map. Start off by heading east, then south along the forest. Go west towards the bridge to reach an imperial camp.

Imperial Camp and Doma Castle
Some story events will occur, and you'll eventually gain control of Cyan at Doma Castle. Engage the troop commander. Simply use the Sword Tech command and trigger it once the meter gets a bit past 1. Cyan will then use Dispatch. Do this twice and the battle should end.

Imperial Camp
Controls will switch back to Sabin and Shadow. Head south for some more dialogues. After that, just chase Kefka each time he runs off. Defeat the group of Templars. More story events follow.

Doma Castle
When you regain control of Cyan after the cutscene, rush to the throne room. Watch the king die, then move on to find survivors. Exit the throne room and proceed to the northeast room. It turns out that Cyan's wife and son are both dead, so he rushes to the imperial camp.

Imperial Camp
As Sabin, head over to Cyan and talk to him, to offer help in defeating the Grunts. Repeat this several times. Once the party steals the magitek armors, just follow the only path available to get yourself of the camp. Also, do make use of the Magitek armor's Heal Force ability to restore HP.

Phantom Forest
Trek southwards to reach the Phantom Forest. At the first screen just head east then north to the next area. Make use of the recovery spring here. Continue east again then south at the end to the next screen. Here, just go right then take the north exit. Now follow the path again and turn north at the middle to find the exit leading to a new area.

Phantom Train
The ghosts in the train cars either sell items, battle you or join you. Start off by heading left through 2 cars, and into the 3rd one via a side door. As soon as you enter the 3rd car, run left then back. A ghost will be blocking the exit. Defeat it.

Outside, lots of ghosts will gather and chase you. When you regain control, climb up the ladder and press A at the left end of the car. Sabin will then jump across to the other train cars. Once you have control again, enter the train and pull the switch. Go back outside. The rest of the train cars behind yours will detach.

Go back inside and pull the switch again. The path to your left will open. Save your game and head left to the next car. Now sit on the chair at the center table and the ghosts will serve some food. This will restore your HP and MP. Now go back outside and go around to the left door of the train car. Open the chest to get an EARRING.

Keep heading left until you reach the end of the train. Proceed into the engine room and pull the left and right levers. Return outside and press the switch on the left to stop the train.

Boss: Ghost Train
This battle is quite easy, watch out for the status effects though. The train's Evil Toot attack can cause Poison and Confuse, while Acid Rain deals serious damage to your entire party. Use Sabin's Blitz and Cyan's Sword Tech abilities to get this battle done. Or you can simply toss a Fenix Down at the train to win at once.

You'll be back on the world map after some story events. Use a Tent if necessary and save your game.

Barren Falls
From your current position, go south then north around the mountain range, to find a cave. Go in and through to the other side. Press A at the edge of the cliff and jump down. Defeat all the Pirahnas. A Rizopas will show up when you're near the bottom. Defeat it too. You'll meet Gau at the bottom, but he'll run off. So follow him back to the world map.

At the world map, just go southeast then up to reach Mobliz. Proceed to the item shop here and buy some dried meat. Now go back to the world map, and fight some battles until Gau shows up. Once that happens, feed him a Dried Meat and he'll join you after a rather amusing exchange.

You might as well want to use Gau's Leap ability, while you're within Veldt vicinity. He does have plenty of skills to learn here. After that, return to town and upgrade your equipments. Also, be sure to check the clock in the center house, to find an ELIXIR. Go back out to the world map once you're done.

Crescent Mountain
From Mobliz, head south until you spot a mountain then head west. Go around the mountain to access the entrance. Inside, go around west then east until Gau finds his shiny shiny treasure. The group will then emerge at another river and will jump in.

The current will automatically take you to where you need to go, but you still have to press the designated button when prompted to, to swim towards the correct direction. When you reach the first cave, take the X-POTION from the treasure chest. Turn back and go north to leave the cave.

More underwater swimming. You'll eventually be swept into another cave. There, go west and north up the steps to the next screen. Go west once more, then south to some sort of stone by the wall at the end. The nearby pool of water will drain away. Go there and down the stairs. Proceed east to the new area.

Climb up the stairs and grab the GREEN BERET from the chest. After that, head south through the door, and follow the path to the exit. More swimming follows. You'll eventually end up at Nikeah.

You can head north into the town, and buy some equipments and items if you you want. Otherwise, get on the ship at the harbor and speak to the ferryman. Sail to South Figaro.


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