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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Mobliz, Nikeah and South Figaro

Check one of the barrels next to the west-most house to find a FENIX DOWN. Follow the kid into the center house afterwards. Proceed into the room at the basement. A kid will block your path and Terra comes for a chat. Go after her when she leaves, and speak to her again. Leave the house afterwards. Phunbaba decides to show up at this point.

Terra will be fighting the first round of the battle alone. There is no way you can beat Phunbaba right now, so just let him beat you. After that, you will be fighting the same monster with Sabin and Celes.

Boss: Phunbaba
This boss absorbs lightning, so avoid casting anything lightning-based, such as Bolt, Bolt 2, and Sabin's Aura Bolt blitz. If your Celes has Ice 2, make sure to use that one repeatedly. As for Sabin, have him use whatever blitz you want, as long as it is not Aura Bolt. Phunbaba will escape once you've damaged him enough.

Terra still refuses to join you so just leave her alone for now. A kid will give you the Fenrir magicite when you try to exit Terra's room. There is nothing more to do in this town, so leave and go on northwest to Nikeah.

There are plenty of new equipments you can buy from the merchants here. So get some if you can afford them. Once done, head to the cafe and speak to all the thieves there. After that, leave the cafe and speak to the guy who looks like Edgar by the armor shop. Keep talking to him until he heads for the docks. Follow him and your party sneaks aboard the ship.

South Figaro
Proceed to the Inn and speak to Gerad again. He continues to deny his true identity and leaves. Leave the town and go east into Figaro Cave.


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