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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Floating Continent

Use a Tent at the save point and save your game. After that, head south and talk to Shadow. He will then join your party. Most of the enemies in this place are weak against lightning, so equipping the Thunderblade on your characters will be a great help.

Anyway, continue east and follow the path to the first treasure chest (the one that has a blue orb) for a MURASAME. Continue further east and a new path will open. The treasure chest downstairs contains a Gigantos monster. That creature is weak to lightning. Consider putting your characters on back row as well to reduce damage received from Gigantos. You'll get the HARDEND for winning.

After beating the monster-in-a-box, go back up to the center area and gain access to the transporter. You will be taken to the lower portion of the area. From there, go down then east to the dead end. A new path will open.

Go along the newly opened path and follow it all the way east, then up to another transporter. Next, you'll see two other transporters that you may take. Pick the left one. From here, go down and activate the switch. The terrain will change, opening a part of the way to your destination. After that go back north, and step on the switch to your left at the end.

Another part of the terrain will change again. From your current position, go down the stairs and head left. Go down both staircases to the bottom and continue right. Follow the path all the way until you spot the next switch. Ignore that one for now and go east again. Pick up a BERET from the treasure chest at the end.

Head further down and and step on the transporter. You'll be taken to a save point. Use a Tent amd save your game. After that, turn back left and step on the switch. You'll be taken to the center of the continent. Head down the steps, and you'll be given a chance to return to the airship. Pick no. Go left and up towards the middle to face Atma Weapon.

Boss: Atma Weapon
Atma has 24000 HP and 5000 MP. Now this battle will be easier if your battle party members are all potent magicians. This boss casts extreme level magics such as Flare, Meteo, Quake, and Quarter. Keep using Ice 2 on your target. If you have Terra in your party, then have her Morph and start casting Ice 2.

Also, if you have the spells Osmose and Rasp, then by all means use them. All of Atma's attacks consume huge amounts of MP, so draining that down to almost nothing will cut off Atma's access to all of its attacks. Once that happens, you should be able to finish this battle easily.

After some story events, you will be given 6 minutes to escape. Make your way back to the airship. You can choose to wait for Shadow when you get there. He should come by when you only have about 10 seconds left on the clock.


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