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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Vector and Albrook

Here, go all the way north to the Imperial Castle. A guard will meet you here. Follow him to the throne room and speak with Gestahl. Some story events will follow. Once you regain control, you'll have 4 minutes to speak to as many soldiers as you can. Dinner will be served after 4 minutes, and conversations will begin.

Your response to each of Gestahl's questions earns you points. The more points you have at the end of this event, the better your reward will be. Also, certain responses are worth more points than others. Listed below are the answers with the highest points value (5 points).

T: Topic
B: Best Answer

Topic Best Answer
Let's have a toast To our hometowns.
About Kefka Leave him in jail.
Apology for Doma That was inexcusable.
About Celes Celes is one of us.
Further Questions Ask one question.
About the Espers The espers have gone too far.
What was your 1st question Answer correctly
Take a rest? * Let's keep talking *
What Gestahl should say Your war is truly over.
Accompany Gestahl Yes
Note : You earn more points if you agree to rest in the middle of your discussion, but your current points will not be added to the points you earn from the succeeding questions.

Below is a list of the rewards you get for a specific points range.

P: Points
R: Reward

Points Reward
00 - 39 South Figaro is liberated.
40 - 49 South Figaro & Doma are liberated.
50 - 59 South Figaro, Doma liberated; stock room unlocked.
60 - 69 Same as above + Tintinabar relic.
70 - higher Same as above + Charm Bangle relic.
When the banquet ends, your party will comprise of only Terra and Locke. Leave Vector. At the world map, continue south to Albrook.

Here, make your way to the south exit to reach the docks. Speak to General Leo for some story events. When you regain control, return to town and rest at the inn. After yet another series of story events, go back to the docks and speak to General Leo again to depart.

You'll eventually gain control of Terra on the ship. Speak with Leo one more time. More story events. As Terra, go northeast at the world map to reach Thamasa.


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