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Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Zozo, Narshe, and The Gate Cave

Zozo: Esper World
Some story events will occur, and eventually you'll gain control of Maduin, Terra's father, in the esper world. Complete the whole flashback scenario, and once control switches back to your usual crew, board the airship and fly to Narshe.

Enter the town and someone will come out to meet you. The party will then discuss the current plans with Banon, and hit the road again afterwards. Get on your airship and fly to the southern continent. Your next destination is the Imperial Base located to the east of Albrook.

Imperial Base
The base will be empty, so just climb the stairs to the north, and go around to the right side to reach the exit. At the world map, just go right into the cave.

Cave to the Sealed Gate
As soon as you enter, climb down the stairs and head right, to find a chest containing an ASSASSIN. Continue on to B1 afterwards. In the next area, go south along the left side to reach another treasure chest, this time with a TEMPEST. Turn back and head south along the right side to the exit.

You'll be in B2 now. A magma pit covers the entire place so watch your step. Start off by stepping onto the east bridge, and wait for the next path to form leading to a chest with an X-POTION. After that, turn back and go south along the center path, then west to reach a chest containing a COIN TOSS.

Return to the center platform, and move on towards the northeast one. There, go down on the bridge, then left when the next bridge appears. Cross over to the right then down at the next bridge to the exit.

In this area, head south around to the other side and go right. Follow the path around to the east side. Cross the bridge and hit the switch. The bridge will then give way, and you'll end up sprawled at the bottom area. There, go north along the left path and follow to a chest with a GENJI GLOVE.

Turn back and follow the path going east. When you see two switches, hit the left one first to open a cave, with a save point and a TENT inside. So use a tent if needed and save your game. Come back out afterwards and hit the other switch. A ninja will appear attack you. He is weak to lightning spells, so use those on him.

After the battle, go east across the bridge and pull the switch to reveal a staircase. Use that one to go down. Be sure to check around the area to find a WATER SKEAN and INVIZ EDGE. Go around the corner to the left for a chest containing an ETHER. Afterwards, go right into the tunnel and follow north.

When you emerge, go down the steps and grab the ELIXIR from the chest. Continue east and cross the bridge leading south. Follow the path until you reach the switch. Hit it. Cross the next bridge further east, and pull the next switch. Now, climb the nearby stairs to the northeast and grab the MAGICITE from the chest. Continue south to the next area.

Here, just follow the path leading to the gate. Keep Kefka busy for a short while, until Terra opens the gate and the Espers come flying out. Return to your airship afterwards. Story events follow, then your airship crashes. When you regain control, leave the ship and head for Vector on foot.


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