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Final Fantasy 6 - Character Skills / Strago's Lore

Strago learns new Lore abilities when a specific enemy hits him with a specific move.
Name MP Cost Effect Learned From
Aero 41 Deals wind-elemental damage on all enemies. Dark Force, Harpiai, Harpy, Rhyos, Sprinter, Tyranosaur.
Aqua Rake 22 Deals water-elemental damage on all enemies. Default Lore.
Big Guard 80 Casts Safe and Shell on entire party. Earth Guard, Mover.
Blow Fish 50 Deals 1000 HP damage on one enemy. Brain Pan, Cactrot, Dark Force, Phase
Condemned 20 Inflicts condemned status on one enemy. Critic, Dark Force, Still Life, Veteran, Zombone.
Clean Sweep 30 Deals water-elemental damage on all enemies. Blue Dragon, Dark Force, Enuo.
Dischord 68 Reduces an enemy's level by 1/2 Chaser, Dark Force, Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Lizard.
Exploder 01 Caster self destructs to deal damage equal to caster's HP. Balloon, Bomb, Dark Force, Junk, Water Puck.
Force Field 24 Grants immunity to a random element. Doom.
Grand Train 64 Damages all enemies. Hidon.
L.? Pearl 50 Casts Pearl on enemies whose HP is divisible by the last number of your current GP count. Dark Force, Innoc.
L.3 Muddle 28 Inflicts muddle on enemies whose Level is divisible by 3. Apokryphos, Dante, Dark Force, Goblin.
L.4 Flare 42 Casts Flare on enemies whose Level is divisible by 4. Apokryphos, Dark Force, Dueller, Goblin, Trapper.
L.5 Doom 22 Inflicts death on enemies whose Level is divisible by 5. Dark Force, Didalos, Goblin, Trapper.
Pearl Wind 45 Restores HP of all allies. HP restored = Strago's current HP. Dark Force, Ogor, Peepers, Sprinter, Vectaur.
Pep Up 01 Fully restores HP & MP of an ally. Strago ejected from battle. Intangir, Junk, Muus.
Quasar 50 Deals damage against all enemies. Dark Force, Goddess.
Reflect??? 00 Casts negative status effects on enemies with Reflect. Dark Force.
Revenge 31 Strago's max HP - current HP = damage on enemy. Dark Force, Dragon, Gigantos, Pandora, Red Wolf.
Rippler 66 Exchange status effects with one enemy. Dark Force, Reach Frog.
Roulette 10 Kills allies or enemies at random. Critic, Dark Force, Pipsqueak, Veteran.
Step Mine Total play time divided by 30 Damage = Total steps taken divided by 32. Brachosaur, Crawler, Dark Force, GreaseMonk, Mesosaur, Pug.
Sour Mouth 32 Inflicts several negative status effects on a target. Dark Force, Evil Oscar, Mad Oscar.
Stone 22 Inflicts damage and muddle on all enemies. Default Lore.


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