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Final Fantasy IV White Magic List

You can only obtain White Magic for Cecil when he becomes a Paladin.

Name: Cure1
MP Cost: 3
How to Get: Default on Rosa and Paladin Cecil.
Restores minimal HP.

Name: Cure2
MP Cost: 9
How to Get: Level 13 Rosa, Level 15 Cecil
Restores medium HP.

Name: Cure3
MP Cost: 18
How to Get: Level 30 Rosa
Restores high HP.

Name: Cure4
MP Cost: 40
How to Get: Level 38 Rosa
Restores max HP.

Name: Esuna
MP Cost: 30
How to Get: Level 18 Rosa, Level 25 Cecil
Removes most status effects.

Name: Life1 MP Cost: 8
How to Get: Level 11 Rosa
Revives KO'd party member with minimum HP.

Name: Life2
MP Cost: 52
How to Get: Level 45 Rosa
Revives KO's party member with maximum HP.

Name: Hold
MP Cost: 5
How to Get: Default on Rosa
Stops target movement.

Name: Mute
MP Cost: 6
How to Get: Level 15 Rosa
Target cannot use magic.

Name: Charm
MP Cost: 10
How to Get: Level 24 Rosa
Target moves randomly.

Name: Blink
MP Cost: 8
How to Get: Level 23 Rosa
Target's defense is increased.

Name: Slow
MP Cost: 6
How to Get: Default on Rosa
Target's speed/agility is decreased.

Name: Haste
MP Cost: 25
How to Get: Level 33 Rosa
Target's speed/agility is increased.

Name: Bersk
MP Cost: 18
How to Get: Level 20 Rosa
Target's stats are increased and control is lost.

Name: Holy
MP Cost: 46
How to Get: Level 55 Rosa
Powerful white magic.

Name: Wall
MP Cost: 30
How to Get: Level 36 Rosa
Reflects magic at caster.

Name: Scan
MP Cost: 1
How to Get: Default on Rosa, Level 8 Cecil
View enemy stats in battle.

Name: Mini
MP Cost: 6
How to Get: Level 30 Rosa
Target shrinks.

Name: Exit
MP Cost: 10
How to Get: Level 19 Cecil, when Rosa rejoins your party
Exit any dungeon.

Name: Sight
MP Cost: 2
How to Get: Level 3 Cecil
Accuracy is increased. Using on World Map will zoom out.

Name: Float
MP Cost: 8
How to Get: Level 35 Rosa
Target floats and dodges earth attacks. Using outside of battle will cause party to levitate.


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