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Final Fantasy IV Storyline

Final Fantasy IV's story is about a Dark Knight who works for King Baron. He is sent to kill the people of Mysidia in order to get the Wind Crystal. In the intro, he flies back to the Kingdom of Baron in the Red Wings airships. Once his way there, he thinks about what he did. The Crew questions whether they chose the right thing to do or not, and Cecil silences them and says that they can't go against the King. They later arrive at the Kingdom of Baron, where Baigan takes takes the crystal and leads Cecil to the throne room. Baigan tells Cecil to wait outside while he enters the throne room and tells the King that Cecil is having suspicions. Baigan brings Cecil back in the the throne room. The Dark Knight (Cecil) questions the King of Baron, and the King gets infuriated and removes his position as Captain of the Red Wings. He gives Cecil a package to deliver to Mist Village. Kain comes in and pleads to King to reconsider. He denies it, and tells Kain to go with Cecil.

Dark Knight Cecil and Dragoon Kain have to now go to Mist Village to deliver the package. They first rest and go seperate ways. Cecil heads to his room to sleep, but Rosa meets him. Cecil asks Rosa if they can talk later, so she agrees and leaves. Further in, Cid spots Cecil and goes to talk to him. He learns that Cecil was expelled, and he says that he doesn't want his airships used for evil. He leaves, then Cecil goes upstairs and sleep. Rosa comes in, they talk for a bit, then he waks up in the morning and goes with Kain. They exit the castle and head for Mist Cavern. They meet a Mist Dragon at the end of the cavern. They defeat it, and get to the village. They enter, and the package opens and bombs come out and burn the whole village. The King had sent them to destroy the village. They see a girl crying, then go over to her. Cecil and Kain argue for a moment, then try to help the girl. She figures out that they killed the dragon and refuse their help. They enter battle with her, she summons Titan and causes an earthquake that seperates both Cecil and Kain. Cecil appears in a grass field with Rydia. What happened to Kain? How did a little girl summon Titan? And why did the King want to destroy a helpless village? Cecil's dramatic adventure will unfold.


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