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Final Fantasy IV Shield List

Iron Shield
Def: 1
Def%: 20
Equipped on Kain by default, alsochased in Agart.

Shadow Shield
Def: 1
Def%: 22
Equipped on Cecil by default.

Demon Shield
Def: 2
Def%: 24
Located in Fabul.

Paladin Shield
Def: 2
M. Def: 1
Def%: 24
Purchased in Mysidia.

Mythril Shield
Def: 3
M. Def: 2
Def%: 26
Purchased in Mythril Village, also dropped by IronBacks, Tortoises, IronMen, Armadilos and Caraspaces.

Flame Shield
Def: 3
M. Def: 2
Def%: 28
Located in Tower of Zot, purchased in Dwarven Castle, dropped by FlameMan.

Ice Shield
Def: 3
M. Def: 2
Def%: 30
Located in Tower of Bab-il, purchases in Cave of Eblan.

Diamond Shield
Def: 4
M. Def: 2
Def%: 32
Purchased in Tomra.

Aegis Shield
Def: 4
M. Def: 5
Def%: 34
Purchased in Village of Summon Monsters.

Genji Shield
Def: 5
M. Def: 3
Def%: 36
Equipped on Kain by default when he rejoins you towards end of game, located in Cave of Bahamut.

Dragoon Shield
Def: 6
M. Def: 2
Def%: 38
Located in Lunar Subterrane, droppe dby Red Dragons.

Crystal Shield
Def: 7
M. Def: 4
Def%: 40
Located in Lunar Subterrane.


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