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Final Fantasy IV Monster List (P-R)

HP: 342
MP: 21
EXP: 820
GP: 252
Weakness: Holy
Steal: Unihorn
Dropped: Unihorn, Coffin, CatClaw
Location: Troia, Magnetic Cavern, Mythril Village area

HP: 65
MP: 4
EXP: 119
GP: 30
Weakness: Lightning
Steal: Potion
Dropped: Potion, HiPotion
Location: Water Cave

HP: 20000
MP: 1250
EXP: 10000
GP: 55555
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Ether2
Dropped: Ether2, Elixir, Fume, PinkTail
Location: Lunar Subterrane

HP: 180
MP: 11
EXP: 430
GP: 145
Weakness: Lightning
Steal: Potion
Dropped: Potion, HiPotion
Location: Waterway to Baron

HP: 2600
MP: 162
EXP: 7999
GP: 1850
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Stardust
Dropped: Stardust, MoonVeil
Location: Moon Surface

HP: 1357
MP: 84
EXP: 3044
GP: 1300
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Stardust
Dropped: Stardust, MoonVeil
Location: Moon Surface

HP: 286
MP: 18
EXP: 800
GP: 180
Weakness: Fire
Steal: Illusion
Dropped: Illussion
Location: Tower of Zot

HP: 108
MP: 6
EXP: 720
GP: 222
Weakness: Holy, Ice
Steal: Antidote
Dropped: Antidote, Unihorn, Poision Arrow
Location: Magnetic Cavern, Troia area, Mythril Village

Q. Lamia
HP: 1100
MP: 69
EXP: 2859
GP: 250
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Lamia Harp
Dropped: Lamia Harp, Ruby Ring, StarVeil, Angel Arrow
Location: Tower of Bab-il

Red Bone
HP: 210
MP: 13
EXP: 315
GP: 169
Weakness: Fire, Holy
Steal: Potion
Dropped: N/A
Location: Mt. Surface, Mt. Hobs

Red D.
HP: 15000
MP: 927
EXP: 41500
GP: 65000
Weakness: Ice
Steal: Inferno
Dropped: Inferno, Dragon Gauntlet, Dragon Spear, Crystal Ring
Location: Lunar Subterrane

Red Eye
HP: 2400
MP: 150
EXP: 3444
GP: 465
Weakness: Air
Steal: Eyedrops
Dropped: EyeDrops, Life, Alarm, Soft
Location: Cave of Summon Monsters

Red Worm
HP: 7000
MP: 437
EXP: 6303
GP: 310
Weakness: Fire
Steal: Boreas
Dropped: Notus, Boreas, Ether1
Location: Moon Surface

Red Giant
HP: 14000
MP: 875
EXP: 18500
GP: 7000
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Cabin
Dropped: Cabin, Ogre Axe, VenomAxe, RuneAxe
Location: Lunar Subterrane, Cave of Bahamut

HP: 250
MP: 10
EXP: 575
GP: 186
Weakness: Holy, Fire
Steal: Potion
Dropped: N/A
Location: Mt. Ordeals

HP: 500
MP: 31
EXP: 1404
GP: 150
Weakness: Air
Steal: Feather Helmet
Dropped: Feather Helmet, HiPotion, Cabin, AgApple
Location: Eblan, Agart

HP: 50
MP: 3
EXP: 1004
GP: 81
Weakness: Air
Steal: Life
Dropped: Life, Soft, Cocatris (summon item)
Location: Eblan, Agart

HP: 900
MP: 56
EXP: 3114
GP: 312
Weakness: Air
Steal: Eyedrops
Dropped: Eyedrops, Life, ALarm, Soft
Location: Sylvan cave area, Tomra, Cave of Summon Monsters area, Kokkol's Smithy


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