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Final Fantasy IV Menu Interface

There are several different submenus in the main menu screen. Bring it up with the Y Button. This is the first screen you will see. Look at the chart below to know what everything means on the screen.

A - This is the picture of the party member.
B - Name of the party member.
C - The class of the party member. Classes are what the party member is categoried under.
E - HP of the party member. HP stands for "Hit Points", the life of the party member.
F - MP of the party member. MP stands for "Magic Points", which is needed to cast magic.
First, let's view the Item screen. To view it, select Item.

In the Item screen, you can use Tents, Cabins, Elixirs, and basically all healing items to restores your paty member's health. There are two options at the bottom of the screen (scroll down). One is sort. The "-Sort-" option will automatically sort the items in it's own liking (not alphabetically). The other option is a trash can. Quite simply, you can throw away unwanted items in the trash can. Just select the item then select the trash can to throw it away. You can also see the darkened magic names. Those are either unusable outside of battle or are a Key Item in the storyline same goes for anything else in the game.

The second on the menu list is Magic. Select Magic then a party member to use their magic.

There are several types of magic that only certain party members can use. For instance, Only Rydia can use Call/Summon Magic, Rydia can only use White, Edge can only use Ninja, but some of them can use White and Black, Black and Call, etc. You can also select the different types of magic by selecting it in the northwestern corner of the screen.

Next up is Equip. Select Equip, then the the party member you wish to equip on.

See the "R-Hand" under the name "Cecil"? That means that that person that can equip weapons on their right hand. If it says "L-Hand", they can only equip weapons on their left hand. If it says "Ambi" (Ambidextrious), it means that they can equip weapons on both of their hands. The "Head" slot is for equipping Helmet/Caps/Hats/etc. The "Body" slot is for equipping Robes/Armor/Clothes/etc. The "Arms" slot is for equipping Gauntlets/Rings/etc.

Next up is the status screen.

This is the Status screen. View it by selecting "Status", then a party member.

There are several percentages in this screen. Ignore the "R-Hand" for now, we'll talk about that in a second. Read below and learn what all of the numbers mean.

Str. - Strength/Affects attack.
Agi. - Agility/Speed.
Vit. - Vitality/Defense.
Wis. - Rating affects Black Magic.
Wil. - Rating affects White Magic.
Att - Attack power.
Att% - Hit percentage.
Def - Defense power.
Def% - Dodge percentage.
M. Def - Magic defense power.
M. Def% - Magic Evasion percentage.

The next option is the simple form screen. Just the select Form, then select a party member to move them up or down in the menu, which will also affect the way they appear in battle. It doesn't give anybody an upperhand, however. The next one is Change. Select Change, then a party member. Left = Up. Right = Back. Whatever you choose will affect the position of the party member in battle. If the party member is towards the enemy, they will do more physical damage but also receive more physical damage. If they move back, they will do less physical damage, but receive less physical damage. Physical attackers should stay up front, while the magic users should stay behind since they do less physical damage anyway and their magic will do the same damage.

Next up is Custom.

In this screen you can change the settings of the game. You can change the speed of the battle, how fast the messages in battle go by, stereo or mono and the colors of the menu windows.

Last, but not least, is probably the most imporant option of them all: Save. Saving your game will save your data from everything you've done to now. You can only save on the World Map or Save Points.

That wraps up the tutorial of the menu.


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