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Final Fantasy IV Side Quest - Excalibur

While the Excalibur is not as strong as the Crystal Sword, it's still powerful and worth the time it takes to get it. First of all, remember the Rat's Tail that I told you would be extremely important? You'll be needing that for the Excalibur. In the upper world, go to Silvera with your hovercraft (remember that you can't use the Lunar Whale to pick it up, so you need your previous ship first). Land next to Silvera and get in your hovercraft. Go to the cave southeast of Silvera. Enter the cave and talk to the little man in the center. Give him the Rat's tail. He'll give you Adamant Ore. Now, head back to the underground world. Go to Tomra, a hidden city all the way south of the underground. Go in the town, then find the blacksmith east of the town. Give him the Adamant ore, and he'll start making the Excalibur. It will take awhile to make, so you should do another sidequest while you're waiting. Come back later (20 minutes is good) and get the Excalibur.


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