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Final Fantasy IV Chocobo

Chcocobos are little creatures that resemble birds and are used for flying in the Final Fantasy IV world. They don't play much of a role, but you can find them in Chocobo Forests and a Black Chocobo is needed to get to Magnet Cavern. There are different colors of Chocobos. The yellow chocobos are ground-based. The white chocobos heal your MP, while the black chocobos enable you to fly anywhere. There are only two chocobo forests, one north of Toroia and one south of Mt. Ordeals. There also is a "Fat Chocobo". You can store items with him, and his "spots" are also in Chocobo's Forests, the Lunar Whale, the hallway of the Dwarven Castle, and some other places. You need to use the Whistle to have him appear when it "smells like chocobos".


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