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Final Fantasy 4

Final Fantasy 4 Review

Final Fantasy IV is yet another amazing RPG game developed by Square Enix Corporation as a part of remarkable Final Fantasy series during the year 1991. The game was originally released in Japan for Super Famicom and was later ported to Play Station. An enhanced remake of Final fantasy 4 was released in 2008 with 3D graphics. The story of the game is centered on a dark knight named Cecil Harvey who leads Red wings; one of the powerful air force teams in Kingdom of Baron. He along with his group of constantly changing allies fight to defend Golbez, a sorcerer from obtaining powerful crystals to destroy the world. Final fantasy 4 introduced the ATB (Active Time Battle) systems which become a unique strategy in role-playing games which was later used in all subsequent versions. All the characters in this game had its own class which was not possible to change like earlier versions and it had a purely character-driven storyline.

The engaging and complex plot in this Final fantasy game is considered to have initiated the concept of dramatic storytelling in role playing games. The various personifications of the game have made a sale of around 4 million copies throughout the world. “Final Fantasy IV: The After years” was a sequel to this game which was released for mobile phones in Japan.

The players could control a huge cast of characters to complete various missions in order to progress in the story. The characters are allowed to interact with enemies and people on field map while moving, and there are range of setting like forests, caves and towers. A world map is used to navigate between regions. The players go through towns to enhance their strength, purchase new equipments and find out clues which lead to next destination. Along with that there are random encounters with monsters in dungeons and on world map. The players could either use an item, magic, fight against enemy, change character positions, pause or retreat. There are special options for certain characters and you can control up to 5 characters at a time whereas in earlier versions you can control maximum of 4 characters.

The characters are given hit points which indicate their health and attacks will reduce the HP (hit points) and the characters will die if it reaches to 0. The player can decide in what position the characters must appear in the battle and the placement of these characters can affect the damage received based on attack type. There are few side quests and mostly the story of the game is linear. The Active Time Battle system created by Hiroyuki Ito was one of the innovative strategies in RPG introduced in FF4 which is different from turn based RPGs in previous versions. It is based on input orders given to characters by the player during the battle in real time.

The graphics of Final Fantasy IV is superior when compared to previous versions and it used the Mode 7 technology of super Nintendo for improved visuals of magic spells, dramatic airship travel with tilting and scaling for getting a bird’s eye view experience. The entire game is based on the Blue Planet that has an Underworld filled with Dwarves and an Over world dominated by Human beings. There is an artificial moon orbiting the planet which is inhabited by Lunarians, another race which co-exists with humans. There are 12 playable characters with character class that cannot be changed in this game. The game play is amazing with interesting fighting techniques like powerful magic spells, excellent armors/weapons and Dart attack which is another non-magical technique.

The music of the game is catchy and upbeat with various themes to suit the mood of the game.

Overall Final Fantasy IV is one the best-looking 3D role-playing games which was built for the Nintendo DS with amazing stylized characters that are very expressive. The cinematic style camera and engaging plot adds value to game and it can be played several times without getting bored.

Plot: 7/10
Game Play: 8/10
Battle System: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Music: 9/10
Sound Effects: 9/10

Final Fantasy 4 Information
Game: Final Fantasy 4
Developer: Square
Publisher: Square Japan, Square EA, Square Europe, Nintendo
Genre: RPG
Medium: Cartridge 8M, Cartridge 32M+256ks RAM, CD-ROM
Platform: SNES, PlayStation, WonderSwan Color

Final Fantasy 4 Release Date
Super NES
Japan - April 19 1991 (Hard)
Japan - October 19 1991 (Easy)
USA - November 23 1991

Japan - March 21 1997
USA - June 29 2001
Europe - May 17 2002

WonderSwan Color
Japan - March 28 2002

Game Boy Advance
Japan - December 15 2005
USA - December 12 2005
Europe - June 2 2006

Nintendo DS
Japan - December 20 2007
United - States/Canada July 22 2008
Australia - September 4 2008
Europe - September 5 2008

Wii Virtual Console
Japan - August 4 2009
United - States/Canada March 8 2010
Europe - June 11 2010

Japan - October 5 2009

Final Fantasy 4 Box Arts
Japan USA
Nintendo DS Japan Nintendo DS USA
Japan PSX  


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