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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 13 Orphan's Cradle The Nascent Throne

Orphan's Cradle - The Nascent Throne
Librascope, Cherub's Crown, Milerite, Suprechargers (x4), Perfect Conductor (x4), Turboprops (x5), Particle Accelerator, Uraninite, Seaking's Beard (x20), Aegisol (x2), Tears of Woe (x9), Gale Ring, Shamanistic Spear, Tetradic Crown, Starblossom Seed (x6), Black Mycelium (x8), Rhodochrosite, Adamant Bangle, Weirding Glyph, Scarletite, Elixir, 3000 Gil, 5000 Gil, Ethersol.

The Tesseracts
Just a reminder, upon completion of this area, all the exclusive enemies will vanish; leaving holes in your enemy intel log forever so if you want to complete all the entries, Libra everybody.

That said, save your game before heading to the destination marker for a cutscene, after which 3 warp points appear. The left one takes you back to Edenhall while the right one leads to Gran Pulse Use these to return to either areas and deal with any unfinished business if you need to. The center warp takes you to the final boss chamber; it opens later.

After that event, take the path opposite of the goal marker to score a 'LIBRASCOPE, 'CHERUB'S CROWN, and 'MILERITE' as you go. When you're done looting, examine to the floating statue by the destination marker to summon a pair of moving platforms. Ride the left then go right at the fork to the end for 4 'SUPERCHARGERS'. Turn around the other way and drop off the right side for a treasure sphere with '4 PERFECT CONDUCTORS'. From here, head down the nearby incline to find '5 TURBOPROPS'.

Step back onto the main path and head to the opposite direction for a pair of treasure spheres containing '2 PARTICLE ACCELERATORS' and 'URANINITE'. Next, return to the pair of moving platforms, getting on the right one for '20 SEAKING'S BEARD' then climb the nearby ramp to claim '2 AEGISOLS' off to the right. Further ahead is a sphere with '9 TEARS OF WOE'. Atop the next incline is a 'GALE RING'. Trace your steps back to the bottom of the closest ramp then go around east prior to the goal marker for a 'SHAMANISTIC SPEAR'. Onwards to the save station and examine the floating statue.

Next, hop to your right then down left a bit further up. At the end of the path is a 'TETRADIC CROWN'. Turn around and get on the moving platform off the lower area to the right. Save when you can before following the east path all the way to '6 STARBLOSSOM SEEDS' Back at the intersection, go left then left again for '8 BLACK MYCELIUM'. Continue to the end then go west for a 'RHODOCHROSITE'. You might also want to consider farming Perfumes from the Sacrifices and selling them for 12500 gil each. This is by far the best source of stash until you're ready to deal with the Adamantoises. Head to the destination marker, save, and examine the floating statue to teleport to the first boss chamber.

Boss Battle - Jabberwocky
Level 14 Weaknesses All elements
Hit Points 678000 Strengths Immune Magic
Stagger 300.0% Status Imm. Deshell, Pain, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 16000 Item Star/Moonblossom Seed

Boss Battle - Bandersnatch
Level 09 Weaknesses Half all elements
Hit Points 254250 Strengths Immune Physical
Stagger 150.0% Status Imm. Deprotect, Pain, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 500 Item Star/Moonblossom Seed

Start with the Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB) paradigm until Fang inflicts Imperil on both targets, Deprotect on Jabberwocky, and Deshell on Bandersnatch. Sazh as a Synergist put up Protect, Haste and Shell on everyone. This pair of enemies can heal each other, with Jabber's spell more potent than Bander's. Shift to Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM) and take out Jabberwocky before turning your attention to Bandersnatch. Heal when you need to.

Save your game and get going. The Immortal up ahead is guarding a warp point that leads to two great accessories. Also, while fighting said monster, wait for it to use its Forge Blade move which summons a Centaurion Blade. Libra this new enemy for intel.

Warp to the upper level and open both spheres for an 'ADAMANT BANGLE and 'WEIRDING GLYPH'. Use the other warp to reach an area with another pair of speheres for a 'SCARLETITE' and 'ELIXIR'. Head back to the destination marker once you have everything. Save again before examining the floating statue for another battle.

Boss Battle - Wladislaus
Level 15 Weaknesses All elements
Hit Points 734500 Strengths Half Magic
Stagger 999.0% Status Imm. Poison, Imperil, Pain, Doom
Crystogen Points 32000 Item Cie'th Tear, Tear of Woe

Same old party of Lightning, Sazh, and Fang. Start with Evened Odds, having Sazh bestow all the buffs he has. If you leveled his Synergist enough he should also have Protect and Shell by now. Protect is particularly important as this boss's attacks are incredibly brutal. An active Sentinel also reduces damage from enemy's attacks. Fang should work on inflicting Deprotect, Slow, and Deshell. Wither the creature down with Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) shifting to Offensive Screen (COM/COM/SEN) when boss's attacks become too painful. Heal with either Recuperation (MED/SYN/MED) or Protection (MED/SYN/SEN). You can also equip everybody with Speed Sashes to score random instant chains.

Continue forward for an event then head up the nearby incline, claiming a total of '8000 GIL' from the pair of treasure spheres along the way, Examine one more floating statue at the destination to battle another boss.

Boss Battle - Tiamat Eliminator
Level 52 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 3825000 Strengths Half all elements
Stagger 200.0% Status Imm. Variable
Crystogen Points 48000 Item Imperial Armlet

We once again have Lightning, Sazh, Fang as our battle party. Start with Relentless Assault, keeping it until the boss staggers. At this point build the stagger gauge up to a moderate level before shifting to Cerberus (COM/COM/COM) to initiate a total beatdown until Tiamat recovers.

When it lands, the boss changes forms and loses its immunity to certain debuffs including Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Slow, Daze and Poison. At this point switch to a paradigm that has a Saboteur and stick at least Deprotect and Deshell on Tiamat. If you can add Imperil and Slow then all the better. Heal up your party if needed before shifting back to Relentless Assault for another stagger and the kill. I don't recommend too much buffing on your part as Tiamat has moves that can dispel so its a waste of time.

The center warp is now accessible. Use it to reach a new area.

The Narthex
Collect the 'ETHERSOL' from the sphere and save your game. Now, entering the next room triggers the final sequences of the game followed by 3 consecutive boss battles. Feel free to retry in between battles if things go awry. Toss an Aegisol and Fortisol to make quick work of Barthandelus at least. Do purchase two additional Cherub's Crown from B&W Outfitters! You will absolutely need them later.

Boss Battle - Barthandelus
Level 54 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 5227500 Strengths Half all elements
Stagger 250.0% Status Imm. All xcpt Slw, Dpr, Dshl, Imp
Crystogen Points 0 Item ---

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Relntless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Cerberus (COM/COM/COM); Recuperation (MED/SYN/MED); Protection (MED/SYN/SEN); Smart Bomb (RAV/RAV/SAB).

Kick things off with Evened Odds, having Sazh buff everyone with Haste, Bravery and Faith, Shell and Protect, while Fang inflicts Slow, Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil on Barthandelus then complete one attack cycle with Smart Bomb to kick start the chain gauge and quickly shift to Relentless Assault until the boss staggers. Keep attacking with Relentless Assault until the stagger gauge rises over 500+%, then shift to Cerberus and start piling up the damage.

Notice that this battle is very similar to your second encounter except Apoptosis has been replaced with Ultima. Keep Shell in place to survive this then heal with Recuperation. Keep an eye out for Thanatosian Laughter, shifting to Protection right away to reduce damage. Make sure everyone is healthy before taking another shot at staggering Barthandelus.

Retry as soon as battle starts to modify your party. I went with Lightning, Hope and Fang for this battle by the way. Equip everyone with Cherub's Crown. Hope should have learned Haste by now if you leveled his Synergist enough.

Boss Battle - Orphan
Level 54 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 6780000 Strengths Half Phy/Mag
Stagger 400.0% Status Imm. Pain, Fog, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 0 Item ---

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Relntless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Perseverance (MED/MED/SAB); Salvation (MED/MED/MED); Aggression (COM/RAV/COM).

Start with Salvation to heal quickly as soon as Orphan's Merciless Judgement ends. This move will not kill you, but any other attack would be fatal if you don't heal up right away. Shift to Evened Odds, having Hope bestow all sorts of buff on everyone, while Fang works to inflict Deprotect, Deshell, Slow and Imperil. With debuffs in place, alternate between Relentless Assault and Aggression until Orphan staggers. Use the former paradigm to build the gauge high enough before using Aggression to start piling up damage. Use Perseverance to recast debuffs on Orphan when they wear off. Always be on the lookout for Merciless Judgement as well, as it gets casted from time to time.

When the boss is down to about half health, he starts using Progenitorial Wrath quite frequently. This move can instantly kill a character, and it's game over if said character happens to be your party leader. At this point, keep Veil active at all times! Cherub's Crown + Veil should provide decent protection against the death status. Not to mention, Orphan also starts inflicting a wide variety of debuffs on your party. Switch to Recuperation to rebuff and heal with Esuna. Resume stagger attempts once everyone is safe and sound again.

Once again, you might want to retry and replace Hope with Sazh.

Boss Battle - Orphan
Level 51 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 3390000 Strengths Immune Phy/Mag
Stagger 500.0% Status Imm. Poison, Pain, Fog, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 0 Item ---

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Relntless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Cerberus (COM/COM/COM).

Orphan immediately dooms your party leader so you have got to move fast. Start with Evened Odds, having Sazh Haste everyone and Fang stick Deprotect on Orphan. You should be good to go. Too much buffing/debuffing is a complete waste of time, as Orphan can simply nullify everything with Temporal Hollow.

Wail on Orphan with Relentless Assault until he staggers, then build the stagger gauge up to a decent level before shifting to Cerberus to finish him off.

Crystarium expanded. You've just beaten FF13! Congratulations! The game lets you save after the credits. And you also get the Instrument of Change (gold) trophy.


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