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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 11 Gran Pulse Terra Incognita

Gran Pulse - Terra Incognita
Base Camp
Change your party's setup if you like and save your game. Proceeddown the long canyon populated by enemies that are mostly weak to fire. A Dire Flan is also blocking a treasure sphere containing a PARTISAN'. You'll soon find Hope and an Eidolon battle ensues.

Eidolon Battle - Alexander
Your battle party will be Hope, Lightning and Fang. You might want to retry this one first so that you can set up your paradigms and Hope's equipment properly. Alexander loves it when you buff and heal your party. So start with the Protection (SYN/MED/SEN) paradigm until your buffs are in place, then switch to Relentless Assault (RAV/COM/RAV) for offense. Use Combat Clinic (MED/MED/SEN) to heal when necessary. Press [] when Alexander's gestalt gauge fills to win.

Hope receives the Alexander Eidolith and his ATB segement also goes up by 1. Onwards to a new area.

Archylte Steppe
You'll be introduced to Cie'th Stones for the first time here. These things give you side missions (like FF12's "Hunts" system) that can be completed for worthwhile rewards. The blue stones give quests; the gold ones let you teleport to various locations nce its corresponding quest is cleared; and the red (paling) stones grant access to new areas upon quest completion. New Cie'th stones awaken once the prerequisites are met. Check the "Cie'th Stone Missions" section for more details on each quest.

The Behemoth Kings in this area are good enemies to farm CP from as they respawn quickly and give 4000 CP per kill. Consider strengthening your characters before engaging these creatures via preemptive strikes, then killing them in one stagger. Anyways, march towards the destination marker, and the path soon narrows down leading staright into a cave.

Gran Pulse - Mah'habara Subterra

Hauteclaire, Platinum Bangle, Electrode (x4), Chobham Armor (x4), Tesla Turbine (x4), Saint Amulet (x2), Particle Accelerator (x3), Crystal Oscillator (x3), Perfect Conductor (x6), Rainbow Anklet, Metal Armband (x2), Moogle Puppet, Perovskite.

Maw of the Abyss
You'll find a 'HAUTECLAIRE' for Lightning not far into the cave. At the intersection, you can head right to fight an optional boss Juggernaut which clears the way to a 'PLATINUM BANGLE' when beaten; or you can head straight to find a Boxed Phalanx blocking your path. Buff your party then focus all your attacks on the Phalanx to get rid of it first. Otherwise, it'll just keep summoning Hipolites and the battle will go on forever. Not to mention you're as good as dead once the box buffs the army of Hipolites.

The Earthworks
Lenora's Garage will add Perfect Conductors to its product inventory which really helps with equipment upgrades. Move along until you reach the hangars to the west where '4 ELECTRODES' and '4 CHOBHAM ARMORS' await. You'll find yourself in the Twilight Cavern after a brief event. Go around east across some broken sections to claim '4 TESLA TURBINES'. Some ways ahead are'2 SAINT'S AMULETS'. Save your game. Prepare for your final Eidolon battle with Vanille leading this time.

Eidolon Battle - Hecatoncheir
Your battle party will be Fang and Vanille. Start with the Havoc (SAB/SAB) paradigm and keep spamming various debuffs, with which Imperil, Deshell, and Deprotect will soon stick. Shift to Lifeguard (MED/SEN) to heal when needed, and use Slash and Burn (RAV/COM) as an offensive paradigm. Press [] when Hecatoncheir's gestalt gauge fills to win.

Vanille receives the Hecatoncheir Eidolith and her ATB segement also goes up by 1. Onwards into Darktide Grotto.

Darktide Grotto
Grab the 'ICE CHARM' from the sphere down the path then save when you can before heading east for a 'PARTICLE ACCELERATOR'. Ignore the Juggernaut up ahead taking a left instead, nailing '3 CRYSTAL OSCILLATORS' to the right. There is a treasure sphere stuck between two inclines further up. That one has '3 PERFECT CONDUCTORS'. Head for the destination marker and examine the boxes of to the side in the middle of the platform. You can then step up to the other platform and board Atomos. When your ride finally stops at Sulya Springs, board it again to return to Mah'habara for some unfinished business.

An Asylum from Light
Save your game before doing anything else. Head left at the first intersection you come across then right at the next. This leads to a dead end housing 2 treasure spheres containing '3 PERFECT CONDUCTORS and 'RAINBOW ANKLET'. You'll have get rid of the Puddings first to claim the loot though. Return to the nearest fork and go the other way. You'll soon find 2 bomb-spewing tunnels keeping another pair of treasure spheres. Collect '2 PARTICLE ACCELERATORS' and '2 METAL ARMBANDS'.

The 6 Cryohedrons nearby amount to a whopping 7000+ CP and can be trashed with a trio of Commandos in a matter of seconds. Plus their rapid respawn rate makes this area ideal for CP farming. Now, run all the way back to the very first fork of this area and go right this time. The staircase leads to a 'MOOGLE PUPPET'. At the Abandoned Dig, eliminate all the Strigols to to clear a path leading to a 'PEROVSKITE'. The sealed door beyond the save station will not open until a specefic mission is cleared so head back to the Sulya Springs for now and continue with the story.

Gran Pulse - Sulya Springs

Strange Fluid (x13), Enigmatic Fluid (x10), Aquabane Brooch, Seapetal Scale (x5), Moistened Scale (x6), Riptide Ring, Uraninite, Minar Stone, Water Charm, Abyssal Scale (x7), Cieth's Tear.

Subterranean Lake
As always save before you proceed. After the cutscene, collect '13 STRANGE FLUIDS' from the sphere to your right, then hop over to the next island for '10 ENIGMATIC FLUIDS'. Jump over to the eastern platform next to score an 'AQUABANE BROOCH'. The nearby island has '5 SEAPETAL SCALES' and '6 MOISTENED SCALES'. Now, make your way back to the platform that was infested by 5 Ceratosaurs and head for the edge of the island; press X/O when the prompt appears. A new island soon pops up. Go there for a 'RIPTIDE RING' and 'URANINITE. Return to the spot where you summoned Bismarck and hop over to the new platform to your right. Loot both treasure spheres for a 'MINAR STONE' and 'WATER CHARM'.

Move along towards the destination marker all the way to a new area within Gran Pulse, Taejin's Tower. Don't forget to collect '7 ABYSSAL SCALES and a 'CIETH'S TEAR along the way as well.

Gran Pulse - Taejin's Tower

Sinister Fang (x20), Sparkbane Brooch, 4721 Gil, Chipped Fang (x12), Spark Plug (x5), Simurgh, Metal Armband (x2), Glass Orb (x2), Ancient Bone (x9), Gale Ring, Tears of Woe (x4), Unsetting Sun, Librascope, Clay Ring, Tears of Remorse (x8), Frostbane Brooch (x2), Ethersol, Collector's Catalog.

Ground Tier
There's a treasure sphere with '20 SINISTER FANGS' outside by the way. Collect that one before comming in here. After the cutscene, look around this floor for a total of 3 treasure spheres -- 'SPARKBANE BROOCH', '4721 GIL' and '12 CHIPPED FANGS'. Ride the lift up to the second tier when you finish looting.

Second Tier
Use the save station. A tutorial pops up saying that you must complete all the missions on that particular floor to proceed. Let's play along now shall we?

Examine the nearby statue for mission 21: A Tremulous Terror. Your opponent Gelatitan is weak to Lightning and absorbs Water. Use Libra first then have your Synergist cast Barwater, Barthunder, Protect and Shell on everyone, while a Saboteur works to inflict Deshell. Spam lightning spells when staggered. Your reward is a Speed Sash. Visit the next statue for mission 22: Infernal Machine.

Ambling Bellows is accompanied by 2 Cryptos. This is an upgraded Boxed Phalanx, so leave the Cryptos alone for the moment and attack mark with lightning and water after sticking Deshell. Kill off the remaining targets when the mark has been dealt with. You'll be rewarded with 3 Particle Accelerators for your efforts.

Onwards to statue number 3 for the last mission of this floor -- mission 23: Natural Defense. Sneak up behind the Gurangatch and it'll die faster than you can say hello. Reward is a Warrior's Wristband. You should now be able to head up to the next floor so save your game and get going. You can pick up '5 SPARK PLUGS' at the far end of the inner ring as well. Don't miss it.

Third Tier
Open the treasure sphere to find a 'SIMURGH' for Hope, then check the statue to activate the elevator. As you leave the room, head east along the inner path for '2 METAL ARMBANDS'. Take the lift up to 4F now. There, use the save station and nab '2 GLASS ORBS' from the treasure sphere before riding the next lift up to 5F.

Fifth Tier
The treasure sphere next to the lift has '9 ANCIENT BONES'. Find the statue for mission 24: A Potent Sting. The mark should be lurking around this room as well. Kill it for 6 Moonblossom Seeds. Return to 4F. There is a 'GALE RING' at the opposite end of the elevator, then access the nearby room to claim '2 RAINBOW ANKLETS'. Ride the lift up to 6F.

Sixth Tier
Examine the statue here to start mission 26: A Spectral Hunt, save your game and activate the next statue indicated by the goal marker. The tower turns, granting access to two new rooms, one of which houses your mark Vetala. The second room can be reached by going around into the inner path, then turning right past the archway and through the next one. Loot a couple of spheres for '4 TEARS OF WOE' and an 'UNSETTING SUN' for Snow.

Take the nearby staircase down to 5F and meet Vetala. You'll get a Cobaltite as a reward. Grab a 'LIBRASCOPE' from the sphere. The statue in the other room gives you mission 26: So Shrill, the Cry. Walk back out for a brief event before going back to 6F to fight Penanggalan. You get a Diamond Bangle for your efforts.

Fifth Tier
The ice previously blocking access to the last statue should be gone now. Go pay that one a visit, activating it. Ride the lift back down to 4F. Once there, use the other elevator to get to 6F.

Claim a 'CLAY RING' and '8 TEARS OF REMORSE' from the treasure spheres then board the lift again, taking it up to the Cloven Spire. Use the save station after checking the outer path for a pair of spheres containing '2 FROSTBANE BROOCH' and 'ETHERSOL'. Approach the center platform for a boss battle.

My suggested party is Lightning, Sazh and Fang, since our goal here is to kill the boss within the least possible time. You can toss a Fortisol to skip the buffing part if you want. And be sure to have Fang learn Cure as a Medic, and Sazh learn guard as a Sentinel.

Boss Battle - Dahaka
Level 70 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 2314800 Strengths Variable
Stagger 320.0% Status Imm. Variable
Crystogen Points 33000 Item Tetradic Tiara

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Relntless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Cerberus (COM/COM/COM); Variety (MED/RAV/SAB); Combat Clinic (MED/MED/SEN).

Kick things off with Evened Odds if you skipped using a Fortisol earlier. But if you did then use Variety instead. Have Fang inflict Slow, Deprotect and Imperil on Dahaka before quickly shifting to Relentless Assault until the boss staggers, after which it will be stunned for a while. Keep attacking with Relentless Assault until the stagger gauge rises over 600%, then shift to Cerberus and start piling up the damage.

If Dahaka recovers from stagger, it gains the ability to buff itself with Faith and Haste and also uses Diluvial Plague (removes buffs and inflicts Poison, Deshell, Curse, Deprotect, Debrave, Defaith) on your entire party. At this point, I suggest using Dispelga to cure everybody of everything in one go, then rebuff with Evened Odds. Heal with Combat Clinic as needed.

The Cloven Spire
Activate the statue in this area to grant the elevator access to 7F where you must examine another statue to shift the tower around a bit, then grab the 'COLLECTOR'S CATALOG'. Return to the Apex, following the destination marker to Oerba.

Gran Pulse - Oerba

Perovskite, Heavenly Axis, Librascope, Moogle Puppet, Pleiades Hi-Powers, Flamebane Brooch, Taming Pole, Ethersol, Deceptisol (x10), Ultracompact Reactor (x2), Gold Nugget, Perfume (x5), Platinum Ingot (x3).

Village Proper
Save your game and follow the path into the village proper. Move along and take the narrow side path west to reach a 'PEROVSKITE'. You'll soon trigger a cutscene; enter the house in front of you as soon as the event ends. Examine the robot on the floor. This is Vanille's friend Bhakti. Sazh offers to fix him but you'll need to gather a total of 5 replacement parts which are scattered all over the village. Their locations are marked on your map.

* Power Cable - On a small vehicle not far from Bhakti's house.
* Battery Pack - On a shelf inside the desolate mill located west of where the power cable was.

Take a right down the path past Bhakt's house to find a 'HEAVENLY AXIS' for Vanille. Set your sights on the Vampire at the bottom.

* Trochoid Gear - The Vampire enemy described above drops this upon defeat.

Climb the stairs to the left for a 'LIBRASCOPE'. Press onwards a bit more. The 4th part for Bhakti awaits inside the building. Once you have the part, climb up to the roof to find 2 treasure spheres containing a 'MOOGLE PUPPET' and 'PLEIADES HI-POWERS for Sazh.

* Aspheric Lens - On a desk inside the deserted schoolhouse.

From the rooftop, get going towards the destination marker until you reach the Rust-eaten Bridge. To the left of the track is a 'FLAMEBANE BROOCH'. The last part for Bhakti is nearby as well.

* Metal Plate - On the scrap heap next to the treasure sphere at the rust-eaten bridge.

Return to where Bhakti was and examine him. Once fixed, repeatedly talk to him for some tips and a variety of items -- 10 Deceptisols, 2 Ultracompact Reactors, Gold Nugget, 5 Perfumes, and 3 Platinum ngots. You'll also get the Pulsian Pioneer trophy if you've managed to take 10000+ steps while exploring Gran Pulse. Selling the gold, platinum and perfume should earn you about 450,000 gil.

When you have everything, make your way back to the Rust-Eaten Bridge and move on for a 'TAMING POLE' for Fang. Save your game after claiming the 'ETHERSOL'. A boss battle awaits up ahead. I'm sticking to my usual team of Lightning, Sazh and Fang. As a Medic, make sure Fang learns Cure and maybe Esuna.

Boss Battle - Barthandelus
Level 55 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 3307500 Strengths Half all elements
Stagger 200.0% Status Imm. All
Crystogen Points 100000 Item Goddess's Favor

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Relntless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Cerberus (COM/COM/COM); Recuperation (MED/SYN/MED); Protection (MED/SYN/SEN); Smart Bomb (RAV/RAV/SAB).

Kick things off with Evened Odds, having Sazh buff everyone with Haste, Bravery and Faith, while Fang inflicts Slow, Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil on Barthandelus then complete one attack cycle with Smart Bomb to kick start the chain gauge and quickly shift to Relentless Assault until the boss staggers. Keep attacking with Relentless Assault until the stagger gauge rises over 500+%, then shift to Cerberus and start piling up the damage.

Upon recovering from stagger, Barthandelus will grow several extra heads that shoots lasers. He also uses Apoptosis which is an equivalent of Dispelga, removing all your buffs and his debuffs. When this happens switch to Evened Odds and recast everything. Keep an eye out for Thanatosian Laughter, shifting to Protection right away to reduce damage. Make sure everyone is healthy before taking another shot at staggering Barthandelus.

Crystarium expanded. Touch the Cie'th stone for some cutscenes then board the airship to complete this chapter.


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