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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 9 The Palamecia Sanctum Skyfleet

The Palamecia - Sanctum Skyfleet
Digital Circuit (x4), Milerite, Incentive Chip (x3), Silicone Oil (x4), Lifesaber, Ember Ring, Pandoran Spear, Royal Armlet, Murky Ooze (x12), White Cape, Pain Dampener (x2), Rhodochrosite, Perfect Conductor (x3), Phoenix Down, Segmented Carapace (x8), Whistlewind Scarf, 3900 Gil, Spark Ring, Librascope, Rune Bracelet (x2), Umbra, Gold Bangle, Ethersol.

Lindblum Hangar
As Lightning, do whatever needs doing to prepare and save. You can also talk to each of your companions three times for their opinions. Speak to Rygdea to depart when you're ready.

Landing Deck
Your party will now be Lightning, Hope and Fang. After defeating the group of PSICOM troops, save your game. You might also want to consider changing the current paradigm setup if you wish to. Clear the next slightly modified combination of Infiltrators and Raiders before approaching the blue indicator and Lightning jumps to the upper deck where you must activate the panel to lower a lift. Take that one higher followed by more jumping. At the intersection, head east for '4 DIGITAL CIRCUITS'. Onwards to the destination marker for a brief story event.

External Berths
Turn back a bit to claim a 'MILERITE'. Move along and hop up the parked ship then take a right for '3 INCENTIVE CHIPS'. Go the other way, hopping over yet another ship and turning left at the fork to find '4 SILICONE OILS'. From here, you can either head into the main ship to proceed, or run a bit right around the corner to fight some more enemies (2 Deckdrones) for additional CP.

Crew Corridors
Save your game before smashing your way through some Infiltrators, Raiders and a Huntress. The left path at the intersection leads back to the Landing Deck, so go east instead to score a 'LIFESABER' for Lightning. Move further along the corridor for an 'EMBER RING'. There's a save station not far from here as well. Press onwards past several groups of enemies consisting of Raiders, Infiltrators and Huntresses. There is a 'PANDORAN SPEAR' near the end of the hallway to your right. Walk up to the door afterwards.

Cargo Access
Controls will briefly shift to Sazh and Vanille. Do the usual preparations, save and leave the room. There are Flanborgs and Flanitors loitering around the corridors of this area; whether to fight them or not is up to you. Operate the panel to your left to unlock the first bulkhead and proceed. At the intersection, head right twice and operate the panel to access the room which houses a 'ROYAL ARMLET', guarded by 2 Flanborgs and a Flanitor. Make your way to the top end of the corridor, claiming '12 MURKY OOZE' from the treasure sphere along the way.

Operate the final panel to unlock the final bulkhead. Another party switch occurs after some events.

Rotary Shaft
In this room are 3 massive rings interconnected by 4 bridges and crawling with monsters. Head right at the outermost ring to find a 'WHITE CAPE' at the end. A 'PAIN DAMPENER' awaits at the opposite end of the same ring. Next, make your way to the innermost ring, check the bottom section for a 'RHODOCHROSITE' while the top section has a 'PERFECT CONDUCTOR'. That should be all for the items in this area. Head for the door indicated by the destination marker for some cutscenes and another party switch.

Primary Engine Bay
Back with Sazh and Vanille. This room is similar to the last one, but has only 2 rings instead of 3. Starting from the outer ring, fighting your way through to the right side to claim '8 SEGMENTED CARAPACE'. From here, move along the sides towards the upper portion of the inner ring then head south in the middle to nab the 'PHOENIX DOWN'. A brief event soon plays then kill the incoming monsters.

Eliminate the Vespid Soldier first as its Aeroga spell can prove quite deadly, then stagger the Thermadon with Slash and Burn after sticking it with the usual debuffs.

Starboard Weather Deck
If you run into an enemy group that includes Vespid Soldiers, buff your party with Shell and take out said wasp as soon as possible, as its Aeroga spell is downright deadly. That said, save your game and turn around for a 'WHISTLEWIND SCARF'. Move along until you get past the section with the airbrakes then take far right path to claim a 'PERFECT CONDUCTOR'. From her, smash your way through the horde of PSICOM troops until you reach the save station then head south on the incline for '13 BARBED TAILS'.

Further ahead are some moving platforms which you can hitch a ride on to access the lower area with a treasure sphere containing '300 GIL'. There is a SPARK RING at far northeast end of the deck. That should be all for the loot in this area, freeloader. Equip your party with lightning-resistant accessories then head for the destination marker for a boss battle.

Boss - Kalavinka Striker
Level 56 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 108000 Strengths Lightning (Abs)
Stagger 300.0% Status Imm. ---
Crystogen Points 1280 Item Soulfont Talisman

Recommended paradigms: Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Aggression (COM/RAV/COM); Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Combat Clinic (MED/MED/SEN); Delta Attack (COM/MED/SEN).

Kick things off with the Evened Odds paradigm. Have Lightning toss a Librascope; Hope bestow Protect, Shell and Barthunder on everyone while Fang sticks Slow and Curse on Kalavinka. With the combination of active anti-lightning buffs and accessories, most of the boss's most potent attacks have been neutralized. So for the first time in a long time, you can let loose with a variety of attacks, inflict stagger and blow the flying robot out of the sky.

After some events, the dumb robot returns for seconds. Smoke it again, for real this time.

Boss - Kalavinka Striker
Level 58 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 122400 Strengths Lightning (Abs)
Stagger 300.0% Status Imm. ---
Crystogen Points 1280 Item Blessed Talisman

Recommended paradigms: Relentless Assault (RAV/RAV/COM); Aggression (COM/RAV/COM); Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB); Combat Clinic (MED/MED/SEN); Delta Attack (COM/MED/SEN). This battle is essentially the same as the first with the exception of slightly higher health and chain resistance. Hellstorm Bolt also gets added to its arsenal. Deal with this thing the same way you did before, but do keep an eye out for Hellstorm Bolt and heal right away when your HP nears the 800 mark.

Moving on to the final stretch for this chapter. You can also freely switch party members for the very first time, but Lightning remains leader for the moment. Personally, I went with Lightning, Sazh and Fang as my battle party.

Bridge Access
Save your game once you finish setting up your party. Operate the panel directly across from the save station, cross to the next platform and activate the left switch there. Collect the 'LIBRASCOPE' before activating the left panel to gain access to a 'PAIN DAMPENER'. Next, head to the opposite end of the area and repeat what you did previously to claim '2 RUNE BRACERS'.

Take a trip along the eastern portion of the area to find an 'UMBRA' on the bottom platform. The bottom platform on the west side of the room has '3600 GIL'. Upon descending to the lower section, extend the bridges on both sides to get a PERFECT CONDUCTOR' and 'GOLD BANGLE'. After looting the place, take the center path to an 'ETHERSOL' then save your game. Go through the door and into the bridge for some major events and a boss battle.

Also, you might want to switch Fang out in favor of Vanille then give Lightning a Doctor's for Potion healing later. Give magic defense boosters to Lightning and Vanille, while Sazh can take the HP boosters. Finally pop an Aegisol and Fortisol prior to battle.

Boss - Barthandelus
Level 57 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 452000 Strengths Resist all
Stagger 250.0% Status Imm. Everything
Crystogen Points 6000 Item Entite Ring

Recommended paradigms: Aggression (COM/COM/RAV); Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV); Smart Bomb (RAV/RAV/SAB); Strike Team (COM/COM/SAB); Perpetual Magic (MED/RAV/MED); Evened Odds (MED/SYN/SAB).

Have Lightning toss a Librascope right off the bat, before letting loose with the Aggression paradigm. Barthendalus is as good as indestructible so long as any of his 4 armor pieces remain intact. Your priority is to eliminate the left and right pauldrons; the ailettes autumatically vanish once both pauldrons are destroyed; said parts have a little over 50000 HP each. Complete one attack cycle with Aggression before shifting to Tri-disaster to dispatch each side target quickly. But keep in mind that the spells used by the side heads are upgraded the moment you trash a part.

With all side heads dead, Barthandelus elemental resistance will normalize and he also becomes susceptible to Deprotect, Deshell, Imperil, Curse and Daze. At this point, shift to any paradigm with Saboteur until target gets inflicted with Deshell and Imperil before shifting back to Tridisaster to stagger the boss. Most of Barthandelus' attacks are magic-based, two of which are noteworthy.

First is Thanatosian Smile (the massive head laughs and transforms into cannons) which is a multi-hit area attack that nails whoever is within beam range. Immediately heal with Potions or switch to a paradigm that has multiple Medics. The other move is Destrudo (the head assumes a defensive stance and starts charging power) which is a 20-hit attack that hits all poor souls in its path. To counter this, repeatedly bash the face during charge mode until it grunts. At which point the projectiles thrown will drop to 12. This number will drop to 6 if you manage string together 8000 HP worth of damage.

Crystarium expanded. Watch the cutscenes. Chapter complete.


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