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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 8 Nautilus City of Dreams

Nautilus - City of Dreams
Phoenix Down, Star Pendant, Spica Defenders, Guardian Amulet, Healer's Staff.

You'll be with Sazh and Vanille now and it's been a while since you've last seen these two so as always begin by setting up your party for the journey ahead and save your game. This part is completely starightforward -- head to goal, watch cutscene, head to next goal -- so go ahead and do that until you reach the Chocobo Corral just past the Park Square.

Chocobo Corral
Don't forget to nab the 'PHOENIX DOWN from the treasure sphere at the previous section. Sazh's chocobo chick will fly away as soon as you reach the chocobo corral prompting you to play a brief game of hide and seek. The little guy blends well with your surroundings so happy hunting! But seriously, this one should be quick.
* The pile of eggs on the path west of the save station.
* Mixed in with the toys on the souvenir cart.
* Floating on the empty side of the water fountain.
* Mixed in with the flock of chocobos east of the souvenir cart.

Open the nearby treasure sphere to claim a 'STAR PENDANT'. The path leading down to the save station is now open too. Save your game and continue to the next area.

The Mall
Looks like peace has ended and evil is back with a vengeance. Use the save station here if you like. Otherwise, let's just forge ahead and knock some heads. Take the pair of 'SPICA DEFENDERS' for Sazh a bit down the path. At the first intersection, turn right then straight at the next to reach a 'GUARDIAN AMULET'. Upon getting to the third fork, save your game and go forward for a HEALER'S STAFF'. Return to the split and take the other path past the save station for a boss battle.

Boss - Midlight Reaper
Level 56 Weaknesses Fire, Ice
Hit Points 100800 Strengths Lightning (Imm)
Stagger 160.0% Status Imm. Pain, Fog
Crystogen Points 1500 Item Gyroscope

Recommended paradigms: Tide Turner (SYN/SAB); Symbiosis (SYN/MED); Dualcasting (RAV/RAV); Slash and Burn (COM/RAV); War and Peace (COM/MED); Yin and Yang (RAV/MED).

Start with the Symbiosis paradigm and have Sazh cast Haste, Faith, and Bravery on the two of them, while Vanille sticks the boss with Imperil, Deprotect and Deshell. If Reaper poisons you with Nerve Gas, ignore it until at least two of the above three debuffs take effect, then remove Poison with War and Peace. Once you go offensive shift between Slash & Burn and Dualcasting until the boss staggers. If you need to heal, just switch to any paradigm that has a Medic. After which you can stick to Dualcasting and spam fire or ice attacks. It won't be long before Reaper bites the dust.

You will be rewarded with the Motherlode shop card upon beating the above boss. Turn around and save your game first before continuing to the destination marker. Watch the events. Eidolon battle follows

Eidolon Battle - Brynhildr
Hopefully, your paradigm setup is untouched. Start with Tide Turner (SYN/SAB) until both characters have Haste, Faith, Bravery while Vanille sticks Deshell, Deprotect and Imperil on the Eidolon. Brynhildr is weak to ice but absorbs fire so be sure to cast Libra so that Vanille acts accordingly. With the debuffs in effect, shift to Dualcasting and spam ice attacks until the Eidolon's gestalt gauge maxes out then press []. Do pay attention to your HP and heal when necessary. Equipping Sazh with a Doctor's Code helps.

After that battle, you gain the Brynhildr Eidolith and Sazh's ATB gauge increases by one segment. Cutscenes; chapter complete.


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