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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 7 Palumpolum The City of Commerce

Palumpolum - The City of Commerce
Fiberoptic Cable (x3), Holy Water (x11), Phoenix Down, Fortisol, Paladin, Insulated Cabling (x4), Incentive Chips (x2), Guardian Amulet, Shaman's Mark, Thrust Bearing (x3), Vidofnir, Deceptisol, 2000 Gil, Beastial Claw (x15), Gae Bolg, Axis Blade, Tungsten Bangle, Black Belt, Phoneix Down, Ethersol, Brawler Wristband.

The Metrostile
Back with Light and Hope now. As always, level up your charaters before saving then run all the way to the opposite end of the area, and take a left around the truck to find '3 FIBEROPTIC CABLES'. This city is populated by Guardian Corp troops who often drop credit/incentive chips that sell for a good price at the shops. That said, head to the northwest portion of the map and drop into the drain pipe there.

Walk forward a bit and turn left into a small corner for '3 HOLY WATERS'. Return to the main path, following it out of the pipe. Fight your way through some more soldiers then climb the stairs when you see it. There is a Falco Velocycle here which has a move called Gatling Gun that will kill Lightning no matter what you do. So either stagger it quickly or summon Odin when Falco prepares Gatling Gun. Another alternative is just to avoid fighting it altogether.

Anyways, proceed to the next drain pipe and hop off into the main duct. Look towards your right for a 'LIBRASCOPE' before pressing onward to the destination marker for a cutscene.

Nutriculture Complex
There's a switch at the end of the catwalk that you can activate to call your ride over. At the next section, move along until you spot a staircase; Press the left switch to take a little detour to an area with 2 treasure spheres with a 'PHOENIX DOWN' and '4 HOLY WATERS'. Take the same lift back to the main area to proceed.

Press onward and join Hope on the platform that he stops at for a cutscene. At the end of the next catwalk is another pair of switches. Activate the left one to reach an area with '2 MOBIUS COILS' and an 'AQUA RING' which will be defended by a Lucidon and Flanitor combo. Return to the main area and press the other switch. Upon getting off on the next catwalk, get a move on and pick up the 'WARDING TALISMAN' along the way. There's one last switch for you to press at the end. Do so and save your game at the next section before getting on the elevator.

The Agora
Snow's back! Alright! Use Shiva to kill all the soldiers and if Orion lives, just use summon again to finish the job. Snow should have accumulated a ton of CP by now so go ahead and squander it. After properly setting up your paradigms and equipment, save your game and continue upstairs. Fight through the enemies however you please before climbing the ice track to a new area.

Pedestrian Terraces
Clear the two separate groups of enemies then take a left when the path forks. Defeat the Guardian Corps troops to claim a 'FORTISOL' from the treasure sphere. Return to the intersection and follow the other path up an ice track where you'll encounter another fork upon hopping down at the end.

Knock some heads before taking a right towards a dead end housing a 'PALADIN' for Snow. Proceed to the destination marker until you spot a ledge; hop off, go west and collect '4 INSULATED CABLINGS'. Continue marching to the Western Promenade, saving at the save station when you see it. Run along the streets of the Western Promenade all the way into the Back Alleys.

Back Alleys
Your party switches to Fang and Lightning here, and as always, spend CP, prepare some paradigms and save your game before continuing further. Kill off the patrolling PSICOM troops and Orion if you like then exit towards the Western Promenade.

Western Promenade
After a quick party switch, save your game and look behind you to find a treasure sphere with '4 HOLY WATERS'. Trash some enemies up ahead then run up to the intersection. Notice that there are ledges to your left that you can use to reach the upper balcony, where you'll find '2 INCENTIVE CHIPS' at the end.

Hop back down to the main path and claim the 'GUARDIAN AMULET' waiting some ways ahead. Use the save station here as well. Cross over to the Central Arcade, fighting your way through some Pacifex and Tracifex troop variety until you get to the Eastern Promenade, where you press on further to the Rivera Towers.

Rivera Towers
This area is crawling with Falco Velocycles and Aerial Snipers which can be a real pain in the rear to defeat, mostly because each battle is time consuming. Feel free to engage them if you like but I personally just ignore them whenever possible. That said, save your game and drop off several flights of stairs onto the path then turn around to find a 'SHAMAN'S MARK'. Be sure to have Hope put that one on. Move along here all the way to the end, taking the narrower path to '3 THRUST BEARINGS' along with a 'VIDOFNIR' for Hope to the right. Turn back a bit, crossing the bridge, and picking up a 'DECEPTISOL' just past a ramp. From here, climb the scaffold, taking a right at the fork for '2000 GIL'.

Hop and fight your way to the destination marker. Save your game. A boss fight follows after that cutscene.

Boss - Ushumgal Subjugator
Level 57 Weaknesses Lightning
Hit Points 126000 Strengths ---
Stagger 150.0% Status Imm. Everything
Crystogen Points 960 Item Abominable Wing

Recommended paradigms: Slash and Burn (COM/RAV) x2; Building Block (SEN/SYN); Lifeguard (SEN/MED); Dualcasting (RAV/RAV) x2. Also, it would be a good idea to equip Ember Rings on both characters, plus a Doctor's Code for Snow so that he can help with healing.

Kick things off with the Building Block paradigm and wait until Hope bestows Protect and Barfire on your party then shift to Slash and Burn, complete an attack chain, and quickly switch to the second exact same paradigm to chain another set of attacks. Notice that your ATB Gauge fills immediately whenever you switch to a new paradigm, thus allowing rapid chain bonus gains. But this only happens with every other paradigm, which in a way keeps people from turning this feature into a cheap trick for winning battles.

From here, you can shift between your pair of Dualcasting paradigms until Subjugator uses Overdrive on itself. This gives the machine Bravery but weakens its defenses with Deprotect and Deshell. Take advantage of this and score quick staggers to finish the fight. Do pay attention to your health as Tail Hammer deals considerable damage to both characters; heal with Lifeguard and Potions as needed. And don't forget to cast Libra so that Hope uses Lightning spells on the boss automatically.

Western Promenade
Controls will once again switch back to the ladies. Look behind you first for '15 BEASTIAL CLAWS', before climbing atop the scaffold. There's a save point here for you to use if you like. You'll find a 'GAE BOLG' for Fang just past the third and final group of enemies in this area. You'll be pitted against a Lodestar Behemoth upon entering the Central Arcade.

This beast has a ton of health and an exceptionally high stagger point. And if that isn't bad enough, upon beating this monster down to about half health, it stands up, heals to full and starts pounding you into the ground with a giant cleaver. Therefore, it's best that you kill it as quickly as possible by popping a Deceptisol for a quick stagger then beat it down with 2 Commandos. Move along the streets into Felix Heights afterwards.

Felix Heights
At the northeastern corner behind a pair of Orions is an 'AXIS BLADE' for Lightning. Get going and save when you can before continuing to a large clearing where a 'TUNGSTEN BANGLE' awaits along the left side. Further along the path is a 'BLACK BELT' and another save station. Just past that are some cutscenes and a boss battle which Hope must fight alone.

Boss - Ushumgal Subjugator
Level 55 Weaknesses Lightning
Hit Points 378000 Strengths ---
Stagger 250.0% Status Imm. Everything
Crystogen Points 960 Item Doctor's Code

Recommended paradigms: Evened Odds (SAB/MED/SYN); Relentless Assault (COM/RAV/RAV) x2; Discretion (COM/MED/MED). Also, equip Fang with a Doctor's Code so that she can help with healing.

You start this battle with just Hope, but don't worry the cavalry arrives in just a bit so stay alive until then. When Lightning and Fang join the battle, switch to Evened Odds until Hope bestows Protect + Shell on everyone and Fang gets to stick Slow on Subjugator. At this point, you can freely shift between the pair of Relentless Assault paradigms as you work to stagger the boss. Don't forget to use Libra so that your AI allies know to cast lightning spells. Most of Subjugator's attacks hit your entire party, so shift to Discretion for healing if the damage becomes a bit too much for just one Medic to handle.

As soon as the boss focuses all of its attacks on one character, play it safe by shifting to Solidarity as Subjugator tends to top this onslaught off with Photon Blaster which hits everyone.

You'll also be rewarded with 8 Abominable Wings for winning.

Estheim Residence
Nab a 'PHOENIX DOWN' from the treasure sphere before entering the house. Once inside, feel free to examine the various furnitures and turn on the TV hanging by the wall to trigger a series of cutscenes after which enemy troops come storming in. Kick them out and save your game.

The next two groups of enemies will repeatedly respawn, so do take this opportunity to farm Incentive Chips in exchange for gil at shops. Loot both treasure spheres for an 'ETHERSOL' and a 'BRAWLER'S WRISTBAND'. Step on the red indicator by the window to continue. Watch the cutscenes, to be followed by a boss battle.

Boss - Havoc Skytank
Level 56 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 441000 Strengths Wind (Imm)
Stagger 200.0% Status Imm. Everything
Crystogen Points 1800 Item Uraninite

Recommended paradigms: Protection (MED/SEN/SYN); Relentless Assault (RAV/COM/RAV) x2; Solidarity (COM/SEN/MED); Combat Clinic (MED/SEN/MED). Don't forget to equip Light with a Doctor's Code.

This hulking piece of flying machine has a super tough armor and a ridiculous 999% stagger point, so don't bother with the tank at the moment and focus on trashing its various parts instead. Kick things off by tossing a Librascope and with the Protection paradigm until Hope bestows Protect + Shell on everyone, then alternate between the pair of Relentless Assualt paradigms to destroy the turrets first then the hulls; this shouldn't take too long as each part has only about 12600 HP. The main body suffers 88200 HP worth of damage for each part you destroy. So by the time the last side target is gone, the tank should have only about 20% of its total HP left.

At this point, the 999 stagger value drops to 200 and you can turn your attention the tank itself, but at the same time Main Cannon becomes a regular customer, so be prepared to throw Potions for health maintenance while keeping up the assault until the tank dies The Solidarity paradigm is a good way to defend against Main Cannon so use it whenever the need arises during battle.

The crystarium expands and Platus's Workshop becomes accessible at the save station. Cutscenes; chapter complete.


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