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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 6 The Sunleth Waterscape The Riparian Corridor

The Sunleth Waterscape - The Riparian Corridor
Mystery Fluid (x8), Belladona Wand, Procyons, Doctor's Code, Iron Shell (x15), Librascope, Scaled Wings (x10), Metal Armband, Aqua Ring.

The Old Growth
Say hello to Sazh and Vanille, you haven't seen them for some time after all. These two should have racked up plenty of CP after being dormant for quite a while, so go ahead and level them up. When you're ready, save your game and when the path forks go left for '8 MYSTERY FLUIDS' then move along the eastern path towards a new section of this long, long trail. The enemies here are Hedge Frogs and Flandragoras; fight some for their intel.

Sun-Dappled Trail
Further on is a save station and a treasure sphere with a 'BELLADONA WAND'. Upon reaching an intersection, head right to find a pair of 'PROCYONS' for Sazh. Step back onto the main road and you'll eventually come across another fork path. Take the left one first to claim a 'DOCTOR'S CODE' then turn around onto the eastern path and follow it to the next section.

A Shimmering Sky
A warning message about the Scalebeast will pop up. You need not be intimidated by these things, for once staggered, the shell comes off and the creature underneath can be dispatched easily especially when inflicted with Deprotect and Deshell. Preemptive strikes help with stagger process, so by all means use it.

That said, eliminate the Scalebeast guarding the treasure sphere to your left and take the '15 IRON SHELLS'. Further down the main path is a 'LIBRASCOPE'. Some ways ahead is another treasure sphere guarded by some Gremlins. This one contains '10 SCALED WINGS'. Walk up to the lake for a cutscene.

Lake Shayra
Well it seems Sazh had gone for a walk while Vanille was asleep, so you'll need to find him first to proceed. Just follow the western path and you'll spot him soon enough. When "pops" rejoins the party, head along the east path and save your game.

The climate orb lets you control the weather along with the type of enemies that appear. Leave the orb alone so that the weather stays rainy and go fight Mud Frogs to add them to your datalog. Also, when battling the Mud-Hedge Frogs combo, leave at least one Hedge Frog alive so that the Mud Frog does not summon extra Hedge Frogs.

Rain-Spotted Vale
Get a move and you'll soon spot a second climate orb. Use it to change weather to sunny. This will remove the Scalebeast blocking access to the 'METAL ARMBAND' at the end of the right fork path. Continue forward just past the fourth climate orb and take the left path to find an 'AQUA RING'. Also, Wyverns appear during sunny weather, therefore you might want to manipulate the weather and kill one for your datalog before you proceed.

Near the end of the trail is a save station just past the fifth orb. Save and proceed for a brief cutscene and a boss battle.

Boss Battle - Enki
Level 56 Weaknesses Lightning
Hit Points 75600 Strengths Immune Water
Stagger 150.0% Status Imm. ---
Crystogen Points 500 Item Riptide Ring

Boss Battle - Enlil
Level 56 Weaknesses Water
Hit Points 70200 Strengths Imm. Lightning
Stagger 150.0% Status Imm. ---
Crystogen Points 500 Item Fulmen Ring

As always, let's prepare a few paradigms before charging into battle: Dualcasting (RAV/RAV); Tide Turner (SAB/SYN); Symbiosis (MED/SYN); Slash and Burn (RAV/COM).

Start things off with Tide Turner and have Vanille spam Poison until both creatures are infected, while Sazh bestows both Faith and Bravery on himself and Vanille. Feel free to laugh while watching Poison wreak havoc on both targets; recast the status when it wears off. Once Enki and Enlil are low on health... stop laughing! From now on, these two will start using stronger swipe attacks along with Raging Torrent (Enki) and Raging Tempest (Enlil). By the way, Enki and Enlil's physical strikes can inflict Deprotect and Deshell. So either switch to a healing paradigm and use Esuna or keep your HPs up with Potions. The creatures can also kill each other with their "Raging" spells. So yeah that's definitely something you can laugh about.

At this point it would be wise to shift to Symbiosis paradigm and heal, or throw Potions with the Doctor's Code equipped. If you choose to go for the more conventional stagger method, start with Slash and Burn until chain gauge fills about 25% then switch to Dualcasting. Don't forget to use Libra so that your characters know the best attacks to use.

Crystarium expanded. Move forward to finish this chapter.


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