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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 4 The Vile Peaks Cocoon Deadlands

The Vile Peaks - Cocoon Deadlands
Librascope, Black Belt, Ninurta, Librascope (x2) Ember Ring (x2), Fiberoptic Cable (x3), Electrolytic Capacitor (x2), Spark Ring, Phoenix Down (x3), Fortisol, Vibrant Ooze (x6), Iron Shell (x8), 300 Gil.

Dismal Dunescape
For starters, an event battle with 4 Pantherons ensues, with your party consisting of Lightning, Sazh and Vanille. Defeat the monsters and control will soon switch over to just Sazh and Vanille. Move forward until a path collapses after which a brief cutscene plays. Controls will switch to the other pair of characters.

Wrack and Ruin
You have Hope and Lightning now. An event battle tutorial on the Synergist role plays; finish up quickly and save your game at the station directly ahead. Next, jump over some debris to your right, defeat the Thexteron, and grab the 'LIBRASCOPE'. Return to the main road, following it allthe way to the goal.

Another Man's Treasure
Back with Sazh and Vanille. Save your game and proceed through the tunnel. You should see some Thexterons and a Pulsework Soldier duke it out against each other; approach them to initiate a preemptive strike. Attack the Thexterons until they each only have a tiny chunk of HP left, but don't kill them until they finish off the Pulsework Soldier.

Examine the machine to clear a path and proceed. Take the 'BLACK BELT' from the treasure sphere before running up to Hope. He joins the party. Scale all the way up the hill and kill the Pulsework Soldier to collect the 'NINURTA'. Push onwards for a cutscene.

Munitions Necropolis
Move along the road until you see a circular path to your left. Take that one to find a 'PHOENIX DOWN' and 'METAL ARMBAND'. There's also a save station here for you to use. Continue towards the destination marker for the next event.

Devastated Dreams
Lightning replaces Hope in your party after a brief event. Save your game and fight your way through several groups of enemies (mostly combinations of Pulsework Soldiers, Succubus, Incubus).They should be easier now with a Commando in your party. Operate the control panel to your left when you see it. Claim the 'LIBRASCOPE'; save your game if you like. Continue smashing through the remaining monsters populating your path. Pick up the 'EMBER RING', save, and head for the destination marker.

Boss Battle - Dreadnought
Level 62 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 17940/44850 Strengths ---
Stagger 200.0% Status Imm. Poison
Crystogen Points 360 Item Omni Kit

Set Bully as your default paradigm (SYN/COM/SAB) coming into this fight. It's also a good idea to equip Sazh with Doctor's Code and an Ember Ring. Have Sazh manually cast Bravery on Lightning while Vanille works to inflict Deprotect and Deshell on Dreadnought. Its Wrecking Ball attack can be pretty brutal (around 300 HP damage); quickly shift to Diversity (RAV/COM/MED) or Thaumaturgy (RAV/RAV/MED) and heal whoever fell victim to Wrecking Ball. Most of the boss' attacks are hard hitting so pay attention to your health and heal with either Potions or Paradigms when needed.

With Dreadnought debuffed and your party healthy, shift to Relentless Assault (RAV/COM/RAV) or Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/RAV) to stagger target. It also uses Steam Clean on itself to remove status ailments. This move takes a while to work so take that chance to rebuff or heal your party if necessary.

For round 2, the machine gains a new Flamethrower attack which inflicts fire damage on all characters, twice; it also gets to keep Wrecking Ball and Steam Clean. Your battle strategy remains the same. Go ahead and smash Dreadnought for the last time.

Devastated Dreams
After the battle, the Crystarium expands, Lightning gains the Medic role and Sazh gains the Commando role. Additionally, the shop Lenora's Garage becomes accessible at save stations. The Onmi Kit you just received unlocks the "Upgrade" option at save stations. This feature allows you to upgrade equipments using the various components you obtain throughout your journey; some components grant higher exp values than others while some act as transformation catalysts. You are also given the choice to dismantle any unneeded equipment and salvage its components for upgrade purposes.

Proceed through the tunnel and save your game. You can also try upgrading some equipment if you like. Walk up towards the lake for a cutscene, wherein your party temporarily disbands. You won't get to see all your comrades traveling together for a long time after this.

Scavenger's Trail
You'll be controlling Hope and Light now. Move along the path of junk while keeping an eye out for PSICOM troops. When you encounter a fork, head left to claim '3 FIBER OPTIC CABLES'. Further up the main road is a 'LIBRASCOPE'. Save your game and continue towards the goal. After the brief event, you get to pilot a Pulse Armament and play a minigame.

Your goal is to defeat as many enemies as you can (43 max) before reaching the "finish line". The enemies can either be punched with the designated button or simply trampled over. Punching out all 43 targets gives you 999 Gil, while trampling over everybody nets a Spark Ring. Killing targets with punches isn't worth it as there are far simpler ways to get better gil later on in the game Walking over them is easy though so stick with that.

With the minigame over, head through the tunnel, picking up '2 ELECTROLYTIC CAPACITORS on the way. Keep moving to an intersection and head down to find a 'SPARK RING' at the end of the path. Also, you might want to go on a little killing spree on respawned enemies to stock up on CP for the upcoming Eidolon battle, not that additional upgrades are needed but they will most certainly help. Anyways, move on back to the main road, heading up at the next intersection for a 'PHOENIX DOWN'. Proceed to the destination marker after saving your game.

Eidolon Battle - Odin
Add these 3 paradigms to your deck before engaging the Eidolon: Symbiosis (MED/SYN) -- default, Double Dose (MED/MED), and Dualcasting (RAV/RAV). It also helps to equip Spark Rings.

That said, start the battle with Symbiosis until Hope finishes casting both Protect and Shell on himself and Lightning. Then shift paradigms in accordance to Odin's actions -- when defending with Ullr's Shield, shift to Dualcasting; if he attacks shift to Double Dose. Press [] when the gestalt gauge is full. And don't forget that Lightning is doomed all throught the fight.

You'll receive the Odin Eidolith and Lightning also gains one additional segement to her ATB gauge. She also learns the Summon technique. An event battle on Gestalt Mode follows. Save your game after the cutscene.

Scrap Processing
Your party becomes Sazh and Vanille. Consume all previously accumulated CP then turn around backup the path for a 'PHOENIX DOWN'. Return down to save. This area is filled with Bombs, which are downright danagerous enemies. They begin a battle with 50% health, heal themselves, and self-destruct. Your best bet is to gun for a quick stagger and kill. Otherwise just shave off as much HP from it as possible to reduce damage sustained once it self-destructs. You won't receive CP if a Bomb dies from suicide though.

Operate the nearby panel switch and a bridge extends to let you cross. Keep going until you encounter a fork then turn right for an 'AURIC AMULET'. You may save at the station up ahead. Take the 'EMBER RING' from the treasure sphere. From here, you should spot the massive generator at a distance -- you'll need to activate 4 switches to get it up and running again. But first, take a quick right for a 'PHOENIX DOWN'.

Once in the generator room, open up your map to find 4 objects of interest. These are the panels relating to the generator. Head for each one and activate them after dealing with the enemies lurking around the area. With power restored, take the center path north, collect '300 GIL' and a 'FORTISOL'. Use the save station here.

Now, backtrack towards the previous save station, just past the duo of respawned Gremlins. Upon reaching the save station, take a look at your map to discover 4 more objects of interest. These are the panels that were previously inoperable due to lack of power. Hop onto the staircase and make a quick right to the closest panel and activate it. A lift then takes you up another section of the plant.

There, activate the nearby panel to your right. Cross the new bridge and activate the next panel. That should lead to a treasure sphere with '6 VIBRANT OOZE' inside a tunnel to the left. Next, turn back then west before the staircase to find the final panel. Activate it after dealing with the Pulsework Soldier and the Bomb. Proceed along the newest path, fight through some more Bombs and Pulsework Soldiers to claim '8 IRON SHELLS' at the end of the path.

That should be all so trace your steps back to the generator room, head for the goal. Watch the cutscenes and save.

Bodhum Seaside
This is a flashback event with Snow and your objective is to find Serah. Speak to Lebreau at the bar and head for the docks; Serah will be sitting there. Feel free to talk to the others on the beach too. Chapter complete.


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