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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 2 The Pulse Fal'Cie Lowerworld Vestige

The Pulse Fal'Cie - Lowerworld Vestige
Potion (x13), 150 Gil, Iron Bangle, Phoenix Down, Fortisol, Gladuis, Power Wristband.

Pulse Vestige Sacrarium
You're with Hope and Vanille here. Fight and defeat the Pantherons after the short event. They drop the B&W Outfitters shop card. Save your game then head straight up towards the open area to the right for a '30 GIL' treasure. Turn around, go east to the next clearing for an 'IRON BANGLE'. Next, proceed to the southern section of the area, where you'll find a treasure sphere containing '4 POTIONS' to the right. After that,head west, hop over some rubble, and towards the goal.

Pulse Vestige House of Stairs
As Snow, check behind you for a treasure sphere with '2 POTIONS'. Continue forward. Activate the switch at the end of the path.

Pulse Vestige Ambulatory
After yet another party switch, this time to Lightning and Sazh, brief tutorials on Shrouds and Preemptive Strikes will appear. Shrouds can only be used outside of battle. To use them, open the shrouds menu by pressing L1 while on the field then pick the shroud you wish to use. Preemptive strikes are initiated when you engage an enemy from behind. Deceptisol shrouds trigger definite preemptive strikes regardless of your angle of approach.

Anyways, head north then west towards a large open area to find a 'PHOENIX DOWN'. That is the only loot you'll get in this area so head for the goal until you trigger a cutscene.

Pulse Vestige House of Stairs
Back with Snow once again. Descend along the center staircase for a treasure sphere with '2 POTIONS' at the bottom. Move along towards the next switch and board the lift.

Pulse Vestige Sacrarium
With Hope and Vanille, things pick up right where they left the last time you've seen these two. so there's no point in heading back via the blue indicator unless you want to fight. Move east then south to a treasure sphere containing a 'FORTISOL'. Continue onwards to the next screen. As a side note, you mightwant to return to the Sacrarium and defeat the respawned monsters to stock up on Deceptisols and Fortisols. Try to let the battles drag on for as long as you can to boost the drop rate.

At the Oblatorium, save your game and head to the goal for a cutscene. Snow soon joins little party of 2 as the leader and you get to fight a trio of Ghouls.

Pulse Vestige Ambulatory
We get one last party switch for this chapter; to Ligtning and Sazh. Start by heading west for a 'POWER WRISTBAND' then further left down the stairs to find another treasure sphere with a 'GLADIUS'. Return to the main fork now and take the center path up. Save and proceed to the next room where you must fight your way through some Ghouls and Ghasts. Onwards to the goal for some more cutscenes.

Pulse Vestige Anima's Throne
Snow completes your party for the upcoming boss battle. Grab '5 POTIONS' from the treasure sphere, save and move foward for some events.

Boss Battle - Anima
Level 88 Weaknesses ---
Hit Points 3300 Strengths ---
Stagger 300.0% Status Imm. Poison, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 0 Item Doctor's Code

Taking out both the left and right manipulators takes top priority as these two are responsible for casting Resonance Magic, which happens to be Anima's deadliest move. The arms only have 300 HP each so it won't take long for them to bite the dust. You can then turn your attention to Anima afterwards. Kill the manipulators again when they regenerate. Heal with Potions when needed.


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