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Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Chapter 1 Hanging Edge The Restricted Zone

Hanging Edge - The Restricted Zone
Potion (x3), 50 Gil, Iron Bangle.

Aerorail Trussway 13-E
The game kicks off with a battle at the end of the opening sequences.

Battle - Manasvin Warmech
Level 75 Weaknesses Lightning, Water
Hit Points 360/990 Strengths ---
Stagger 300.0% Status Imm. Poison, Daze, Doom
Crystogen Points 0 Item Potion x 6

There will be a brief ATB tutorial, which you can either view or skip. Not much strategy involved in this one since your options are rather limited at the moment. Lightning should attack or use Blitz. You can't control Sazh so he'll do whatever he likes. Do the same for the second round; pay attention to Lightning's HP and use Potions if necessary.

Aerorail Trussway 13-E
A brief tutorial on camera controls will play. You can freely adjust the control scheme as you see fit. Anyway, access the save station up ahead and save your game. You can also check out the lone shop via the station -- it sells pricey (because Lightning is dirt poor at the moment) Potions and Phoenix Downs -- stuff that you don't really need right now so save your meager stash for later

A floating treasure chest containing a 'POTION' can be found just past the second pile of rubble that you have to jump over. From here move forward for a cutscene. Turn east up the stairs when possible for '2 POTIONS'. There is a save station here that you can use before jumping off to the lower level. At the bottom, head left up another staircase to reach a chest with an 'IRON BANGLE'. Continue towards the destination point to trigger another tutorial about item usage.

Aerorail Trussway 11-E
Again, you may save if you want to. Otherwise, head south and around north for '50 GIL'. Turn back, jump off then activate the panel. Another tutorial battle and cutscene follows. Onwards to the second half of this chapter.

Hanging Edge - The Resistance Front

150 Gil Iron Bangle, Power Circle.

Aerorail Trussway 5-W
Controls will switch over to Snow now. Start off by claiming the 50 GIL' treasure behind you, then walk up to the people to hear them out. Save and march all the way to the destination point.

Aerorail Trussway 6-W
Gadot and Lebreau will join your party. Check behind you for an 'IRON BANGLE'; equip that one on Snow before pushing onwards through the horde of enemies. You'll encounter a Beta Behemoth at the end of the path. Said monster may look itimidating this early in the game, but it's quite easy really. I can't say the same for its relatives that appear later though; those are tough.

Battle - Beta Behemoth
Level 20 Weaknesses Lightning, Water
Hit Points 1800 Strengths ---
Stagger 200.0% Status Imm. Curse, Pain, Doom
Crystogen Points 0 Item Potion x 5

Again, there isn't much you can do in this battle besides attack and throw grenades with Snow. Though Lebreau handles most of the healing, it'll be wise to pay attention to your HPs from time to time, especially after the Behemoth uses Heave.

Aerorail Trussway 6-W
You'll be pitted against a Myrmidon almost immediately after yet another party switch. Lightning should repeatedly attack until the target staggers, which shouldn't be long as it only has a 110 stagger point value. Once that happens, keep up the onslaught of attacks coupled with an occasional Blitz. The Myrmidon can land multiple hits on your party pretty quickly so again, pay attention to your health and use Potions when needed.

Aerorail Trussway 3-N
Your crew changes yet again. You'll have Snow and Gadot this time. Grab the 'POWER CIRCLE' and have Snow put it on. Save, climb the stairs and turn south at the other end for '100 GIL'. Continue to the destination point; examine the air bike for a cutscene.

Skybridge 101
Control switch to the new kid, Hope. Go listen to people talking if you ike before heading to the destination point where you can save and examine the airbike for more cutscenes. That should be it for this chapter.


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