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Final Fantasy XIII - Tips and Tricks

To make sure you find every treasure, check all paths, even the dead end ones, check behind you when you reach a new area and don't be afraid to stray a little of the beaten path.

The game has a very useful datalog that gives you information and tips on how certain things work. Be sure to check it every once in a while to make sure you are up to date.

All members, including the once not participating in battle get the same amount of CP after battle. Therefore you don't have to worry about characters getting left behind. Fill out the CS for members not participating in battle as well, because you never know when suddenly the party is changed and you find yourself with a party that is not leveled up properly.

Pressing L1/LB during encounters will open the Enemy Intel and shows the information for the enemies you are facing at the time. Use this often to see the weaknesses for the enemies. Using Libra will fill out the ? faster than just attacking and defeating the enemies does.


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