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Final Fantasy XIII - Progression

Each character has several roles that can be developed. To do this, you first select Crystarium (3rd in the Main Menu), then which character and which role you want to upgrade using the directional buttons and the X/A-button. A cursor appears next to the crystal you acquired last. Or at the beginning of the board.

To go to the next Crystal, you have to use CP or Crystogen Points. Press and hold the X/A-Button and you will progress along the route. The cursor will stop if you run out of CP. If you come across a branch, you can choose which way you want to go next. Techniques, parameters, aquired ATB Slots and Accessory Slots are not dependent on the role whereas (Auto)Abilities and Role advancement are. This way you can choose whether you want to improve one role or evenly divide the CP between the roles.


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