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Final Fantasy XIII - Gestalt Mode

Gestalt Mode is available after a Summon has appeared. You can activate this after summoning by pressing the Square button. If you chain attacks with the summon before activating Driving Mode, the Gauge will increase and thus make Gestalt Mode last longer.

The controls are different when you change to Gestalt Mode. You use different button combinations and left analog stick directions to perform special abilities. Pressing X (PS3) or A (Xbox) will activate Auto Gestalt which executes abilities automatically. The timer will decrease each time an ability is used. The cost of each ability is shown to the left of the ability. When the timer runs out, the summon disappears and any chains and/or Stagger created are reset and the party members all restore their HP and status ailments.

For more information I suggest reading the in-game Datalog as it provides the info with pictures.


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