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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough - Balfonheim Port & The Feywood

Balfonheim Port
Shop for whatever equipment you need. But I really don't think you'll be able to afford much, since the goods here are real expensive. The magick shop sells some good spells. I would suggest picking up Curaja, and the level 3 elemental spells, (Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga) if you can afford them. Head for the northeast sector (Sea Breeze Lane) once you're done shopping.

There, check around the trees close to where Dyce is, to find a 5040 Gil treasure. You can also buy maps from the Cartographers' Guild moogle. Dyce sells Teleport Stones, so stock up some if necessary. Save and teleport to Golmore Jungle.

Golmore Jungle
From the Parting Glade, head on west to the Needlebrake, then south to the Rustling Chapel. The Feywood is just beyond the south exit.

The Feywood
I would recommend equipping your party with Bowline Sashes to ward off Confuse. Since the enemies here are particularly fond of inflicting the said status. (You can buy the accessory from the Stranded Merchant in Old Archades.) From the starting point, make your way south to the Walk of Stolen Truths. The map urn is located at the lower right corner, near the entrance to this area.

Again, proceed towards the south exit to reach Antiquity's End. Save your game and approach the swirling mist to the south. After that cut-scene, follow Rassler past the newly opened exit (south) for a boss fight.

Boss: Rafflesia
HP: 73393
LP: 31
Weakness: Fire
Steal: Putrid Liquid, X-Potion, Screamroot

Your biggest concern here are the variety of status effects, the plant can inflict on you. Plus there is a field effect here that rapidly depletes your MP to 0. So I suggest activating Quickenings as soon as the battle begins, to make use of those mist charges before they're gone. Inflicting Slow (with "On Hit: Slow" weapons) on the plant helps too.

Reflect will ward off most of the status ailments from Rafflesia. So it is highly recommended that you equip either Mirror Mails or Ruby Rings on everyone. (Both equipments enable Auto-Reflect). Also, it will be helpful to learn the Potion Lore augments, to boost the potency of potion-type items. And don't forget to learn Remedy Lore 1 as well. That will allow Remedies to remove Sap and Disable status.

Next, use Bacchus' Wines on two of the strongest members of your battle party, and watch them dispatch the plant. The remaining party member should hang back for support. Either to use Hi-Potions or remove status ailments. (Set your support character's gambits to Ally status = Sap / Disable -> Remedy. And Ally: HP < 50% -> Hi-Potion.)

Continue further south to the next screen. (Though you might want to go back to Antiquity's End to save first.) At White Magick's Embrace, look around the area once you're halfway through, to find another urn with a candle. This will reveal the missing parts in your Feywood map. Proceed south to next screen.

You're at the Ice Field of Clearsight now, and you need to solve the puzzle here before you can proceed. Open up your area map, and you should see some star-shaped patterns there. These shapes pin-point the locations of each shrine, which must be activated in the proper order. Defeat the enemies around the area first. Now, enter one of the shrines and stand on the Feywood Glyph. If you're in the correct shrine, an action icon should appear atop your character's head. Otherwise, go try another shrine.

Next examine the pattern, and a message saying "Illusion betokens the true way." will appear. Use the right analog stick and rotate the camera. You should see an illusion of a beautiful forest, somewhere by the entryway of the shrine. Continue towards that direction, and enter the next shrine that is directly ahead of you. Do the same for the succeeding ones.

There are a total of 6 Feywood Glyphs to be activated. 3 at the Ice Field of Clearsight, and 3 at the Edge of Reason. After activating the final glyph, you should reach the Gate Gigas. Summon Belias first, then touch the inscription to open the gate. Cut-scene.


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