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Final Fantasy XII Walkthrough - Stilshrine Of Miriam

Follow the long pathway to the shrine entrance. Save and go inside. Proceed to the center of the room to find a Pedestal. Equip the Dawn Shard on your party leader, then examine the pedestal. You'll be teleported to a new area. (Take note that equipping the said item will reduce your MP to 0.)

The Miriam Guardians are weak against Wind. Stand in front of the treasure chest here to trigger a rejuvenation trap, which recovers your party's HP. Move on to the next room, being guarded by 3 Dragon Aevis. These things tough to beat, especially in large numbers, so I suggest you ignore them and run west for the exit instead.

At the Walk of Torn Illusion, equip the Dawn Shard, and touch the pedestal at the east side of the room. This will reveal 2 staircases back at the Ward of Velitation. Hack your way through the Miriam Guardians, and head down the stairs at the middle of the room to return to the previous area. Go down the newly revealed staircase to the next screen.

Notice that there's a green crystal here, which becomes hostile once you examine it. The Crystal Bug uses nasty "hit-all" magick spells. So I suggest you get rid of it quickly using Quickening attacks. It will turn into a save crystal once you defeat it. Use it and head down the central staircase. You'll be at the Ward of the Sword King now. Head south and check the Sword of Judgement at the end. The Ancient Door to the north is now unlocked, so go over there and touch the Way Stone.

You'll be teleported back to the Ward of Measure. The door at the lower-left side is open now. So you can exit the shrine, and save first if you want. In Cold Distance, make your way to the top aisle, then head west and down until you reach the Stone Brave statue. Examine, then rotate it, so that it points towards the center (facing east). Continue to the next room.

This room is big. The second statue can be found at the south end, towards the right side. Rotate it to make it face north. From the statue, head east then north, out the door back to Cold Distance. Exit the shrine to save then return here. Go into the east door. At the Ward of Steel, go down the stair- cases through the door for a boss fight.

Boss: Vinuskar
HP: 15138
LP: 19
Weakness: Thunder
Steal: Damascus Steel, Knot of Rust, Thief's Cuffs

This boss emits a magnetic field that will make whatever metallic equipment you have equipped heavy. It will have a sort of Slow effect on your characters. To get around this, replace heavy armors with light or mystic ones. As for offensives, attack with heavy two-handed weapons. This thing also appears to be weak against lightning, so use Thundara as often as possible.

Proceed to the south door. The last of the Stone Brave statues is here. Rotate it so that it faces west. A message about Colossus changing should show. The map urn is also inside this room. Make your way back to the Ward of Measure and activate the Way Stone at the south side. You'll be teleported to the Ward of Sword-King. From here, head south into the room at the end of the hall for a boss fight.

Boss: Mateus
HP: 34259
LP: 27
Weakness: Thunder
Steal: High Arcana, Pisces Gem, Ether

Another Esper battle, and believe me, this one's tough. I highly recommend equipping Ice Shields on everyone in your battle party for protection against Chained Magick. Wait for Mateus to release all 5 Ice Azers and unleash your Quickening attacks. Try to chain as many hits as you can. The Ice Azers will most likely be wiped out after that. Though weak against lightning, Thundara won't work on this boss since it has Reflect on.

So stick to physical attacks. If you have rank 3 Quickenings at your disposal, then by all means use it here. Maelstrom Bolt (Ashe's rank 3 quickening) does a lot of damage. Chain it as much as possible, if available.

The Mateus Esper tile will be added to the license board. After that battle, continue south into the Vault of Champions. Move forward to trigger a cut-scene. Obtain the Sword of Kings afterwards. You may equip it as a weapon if you want. Its attack power isn't great, but has good Evasion boost. Leave the shrine for an FMV. Teleport back to Mt. Bur-Omisace afterwards.

Mt. Bur-Omisace
Take some time to visit the shops. Upgrade your equipments, and sell some loots. Once done, save and make your way to the temple. Go in for a cut-scene and a boss fight.

Boss: Judge Bergan
HP: 17200
LP: 19
Weakness: N/A
Steal: Ruby Ring, Ether, Hi-Potion

Having Shielded Armors equipped on your battle party can be really helpful, since it automatically equips Protect. Bring in your heavy two-handed weapons, and start hacking away at Bergan. His Judge minions can complicate things. Make healing the top priority gambits for your support characters.

Alternatively, you can just unleash Quickenings. Then bring in your reserve party and do the same. The battle will not be long if you do this.

More cut-scenes follow. Once you regain control outside the temple, talk to the Acolyte at the bottom of the stairs, near the entrance. He will give you the Stone of the Condemner. You'll need that item to obtain an optional Esper later. Go back to the save crystal at Mt. Bur-Omisace and teleport to Nalbina Fortress.

Nalbina Fortress
Check out the shops here. But what really matters is getting your hands on Dispel. So head for the magick shop and buy it. It costs 4500 gil. You may also look at the Notice Board for some new hunting missions if you like. Once you're done, go back to the save crystal and take the northwest exit to reach Mosphoran Highwaste.


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