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Final Fantasy XI Races

City: Republic of Bastok
Notes: the humes, or humans, are the middle-of-the road, balanced race of final fantasy xi. they will be able to acquire a wide variety of skills, though will most likely be less specialized in those skills than members of a different race.
City: Federation of Windurst 
Notes: These small, overly-cute creatures are specialists in the arts of magic. their frail appearance and devotion to the arts obviously means they'll be weak physically.
City: Kingdom of San D'oria
Notes: The tall, beautiful and graceful elves are the master fighters of final fantasy xi. their endless studies in the martial arts leads to the belief that they'll have little, if any, magical skills.
City: Federation of Windurst.
Notes: Minorities that lives in The Federation of Windurst. They are skilled in natural science. Mithra's skills are widely used in Windurst to recover Windurst from the war that they have lost 20 years ago. Cat like looks with big ears and a tail, has high speed and reaction ability. Majority of the Mithras are females, the number of male Mithras are extremely small. Only female Mithras wonder around the outside world.
City: Republic of Bastok
Notes :: Mainly living in The Republic of Bastok. Their body size enable them to have high stamina and strength. They have no specified sex as they have unique way of reproducing their next generation.


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