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Final Fantasy XI Emotes

You are able to expand the use of character emotion command by using /emote command.

Example: If the character name is Taru-kun 
In the text input window type in /emote is very sleepy.

It will show in the log window Taru-kun is very sleepy

Emotions commands, known to the MMORPG community as "emotes," are simple commands that have in-game effects. Typing them in will make your character "emote" the emotion, usually with a simple accompanying animation. The following is a list of the currently confirmed emotes in Final Fantasy XI.
  • /bow: Bow politely to another player.
  • /point: Point at another player -- "I choose you!"
  • /salute: Salute a superior or other figure of respect.
  • /kneel: Kneel before Zod!
  • /laugh: If someone cracks a good joke, reply appropriately.
  • /cry: Weep over some tragic occurrence.
  • /no: Shake your head negatively.
  • /nod, /yes: Nod your head positively.
  • /wave: Wave in acknowledgement.
  • /farewell, /goodbye: Wave goodbye.
  • /welcome: Greet an acquaintance.
  • /joy: Jump for joy, or otherwise express happiness.
  • /cheer: Root for the home team.
  • /clap: Put your hands together.
  • /praise: Give someone some positive reinforcement.
  • /smile: Hey, there's facial animation.
  • /poke: Get someone's attention, or maybe pick a fight.
  • /slap: Definitely pick a fight.
  • /stagger: "He will stagger and babble when questioned!"
  • /sigh: Sadness, regret, disappointment, u-pick-'em.
  • /comfort: Comfort someone in need.
  • /surprised: Express, well, surprise.
  • /amaze: See above, except it's amazement.
  • /stare: Give someone the evil eye.
  • /blush: Hey, no flirting in public!
  • /angry: Spread a little negativity around.
  • /disgusted, /upset: Spread some more.
  • /muted: Purse your lips in silence.
  • /doze: Stretch and catch some winks.
  • /panic: Run around like a headless chicken.
  • /grin: And the Lord did grin...
  • /dance: Boogie down!
  • /think: Put on your thinking cap.
  • /fume: Exude exasperation.
  • /doubt: "No, I don't think so."
  • /sulk: Sit in the corner and be petulant.


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