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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Kilika Temple - Cloister of Trials

Yay, more puzzles. The first thing you see is a pedestal. Approach it and take the nice fiery Kilika Sphere. Put that sphere into the slot by the door, causing it to burn. Grab the sphere and head on through the door. Put the sphere into the slot on the north wall. Take it out, and put it in the slot on the left wall. Touch any Glyphs that appear, thus opening up a wall. Take the blue sphere from the Pedestal and put it into a slot on the right side. GO through the wall opening and into a room with fire. Step on the symbols on the floor causing the pedestal to appear in the room. Take the red fiery sphere from the right wall and pop it into the pedestal. Now place the blue sphere form the previous room into that slot which ignites the fire. The fire is burned out. Push the pedestal into the slot on the floor and cross the gap. Go ahead and place the sphere you found down in the gap by the northern door. Take it out, burning the door, and make your way through.

Kilika Temple - The Fayth
About time! Well, first of all you get in trouble for coming down here. You explain what happened and that clears your name. Speak to everyone a few times and walk around. Eventually Yuna comes through the door, exhausted. She has been granted the Aeon Ifrit for her praying. Leave the temple, and head back to the village of Kilika.

Kilika - The new Ship
When you arrive at Kilika, go down to the ocean docks and depart on the new ship with your party.


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