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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Besaid Temple - Cloister of Trials

Good Ďol Tidus, breaking every single rule that he doesn't know of. It was bad enough he didn't know the prayer, and worse that he told the people he didn't know what a High Summoner was, but now Tidus has gone into an area that is sacred and only to be accessed by Guardians and Summoners. Well, might as well continue.

Go ahead and examine that ugly gold colored glyph on the wall. Doing that reveals a tealish colored glyph. Examine it and it opens up a path. Head on down the stairs until you see a green, glowing sphere. Pick it up, and continue down the stairs. Put the sphere into the door, and it opens! Now, take the sphere back out. Go through the open door until you find an area on your left that can hold a sphere. Go ahead and put the sphere in and magically you are rewarded with a Destruction Sphere. Ignore it for now though. Continue down the hall until you see two walls, with a bunch of white symbols on them. Examine
them all until a door opens to a sphere. Take that sphere and put it into the pedestal across the hall. Push the pedestal into the room that appears. Go back and grab the destruction sphere before doing anything else, and insert it into the hidden room that had all the blue lines going into a sphere. Insert it there where you grabbed the sphere and an opening is revealed. Go inside and get the prize, a Rod. Go back to the pedestal and push it across until it snaps in place into an indention in the ground. Puzzle Completed.

Besaid Temple - The Fayth
Ok, from here on, itís just about all controlled for you. Just pay attention to what everyone says, until you exit the temple.

Besaid Village - The Summoning
Head on out and watch as Yuna, the new summoner, tries out her summoning skills. A Summoner can call out huge beasts in battle (known as Aeons). They will fight in place of your party until they die, or you dismiss them. When they are dismissed or get KOed, your party comes back ready for battle. You may heal Aeons at any Save Sphere.

Talk to everyone after watching the Aeon, however don't talk to Wakka until last. Once you're done chatting, choose the Sleep option after talking to Wakka. In your dream, talk to everyone. When Tidus awakes, examine the front of the checkout counter at the lodge, to get the next Al Bhed book. That makes 2 so far.

Head outside and Wakka will give you his brotherís Sword, the Brotherhood. Go ahead and equip it. You will get 2 new party members, Yuna, the summoner, and Lulu, the Black Mage.

Besaid Village - Story line Clear Up
So what is happening, you might ask? Summoners are trained from the time that they choose their destiny, to become summoners. They are fighters, who journey to every temple in the World of Spira (called the Pilgrimage). They pray at each temple, praying to defeat Sin. The Fayth at each temple, rewards a summoner with a new Aeon. After visiting all the temples, a summoner journeys to get the Final Aeon, which has the power to defeat Sin. The summoner defeats Sin, and gives the people 10 years of peace (or Calm) until another one is born. That is a summonerís journey, to give people 10 years with no Sin. Wakka believes Sin is Spiraís punishment for letting things get out of hand (especially because Machina where used to kill). Thatís the story line thus far, however it is time to begin the Pilgrimage. Also note that Wakka and Lulu are both Yuna's Guardians, people sworn to protect a summoner.

Besaid Mountain - The Pilgrimage Begins
Head out of the Village once everyone has joined the party. Exit from the South, and head up the mountain where Tutorial Battles ensue. If you want a quick run-down of it, here it is:

Flying Monsters - Use Wakka, Use Lulu
Grounded Monsters - Use Tidus, Use Lulu
Elemental Monsters - Use Lulu

After that, continue up the path, following the mini-map the whole time. When you reach the summit, have Tidus pray at the rocks if you want him too. Wakka says that the day that his brother Chapuu didn't pray, was the day he died. So make the choice, pray or not. It won't make a difference, just for Wakka's emotional reasons. Walk around and continue, until, all of a sudden, something attacks! Itís the beast you saw at the temple (if you were paying attention).

Battle: Kimahri
HP: 750, AP: 0, Steal: Nothing
This is an easy fight. Keep attacking like normal, and use the Overdrive if it comes up. Use a potion if your HP hits 150-200. You did _remember_ to buy them, didn't you? Just keep it up and he (enemy) will quit. Watch how many healing items you use up though, unless you have over 10, limit the healing in battle, you really need them in an upcoming fight. Don't worry about that though.

Join Up! Kimahri is part of the party now. Go into battle with him, and you should get a tutorial fight with him. But here is the Tutorial fight rundown.

High HP enemies - Use Kimahri
Powerful Enemies - Use Yuna

Continue on until you reach the boat, but before leaving, speak with the townsfolk to get a bunch of useful items. Board the boat, and head off!


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