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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Zanarkand Ruins - The Cloister of Trials

Important Items: Sun Crest
In the first room, this is going to be like a warm up before the real thing. On the back wall are Tetris images, and you goal is to find them on the floor. Go up and talk to the wall with the Tetris image and it shows you where you need to step. Its like a memory game. Memorize where you need to step and do it. The order does not matter. Messing up cause the puzzle to reset. Once you complete it, pedestals come out the sides of the room. Push them in one at a time, starting counter-clockwise. When you put one in, its activates the next Tetris puzzle in the next room. You have to complete all 4 to continue onwards. The left center and right center pedestals are for later, so leave them alone. When you push the first pedestal in, go to the next room and speak with the Tetris wall-images to see where to step. When you finish the puzzle, head back and push in another pedestal, and another, and another. At this point you will have 4 of them done. Go into the huge room and take the red sphere from the left of the Tetris wall image. Go to room one and insert it into the left pedestal. That deactivates the power. Push it into the wall. Go back and get the blue sphere, which deactivates the Tetris-wall image. Insert it into the last pedestal, and push it into the wall too. Puzzle complete!

Save the game, and go into the huge room. Get ready for a complicated battle!

Boss: Spectral Keeper
HP: 52,000, AP: 12,000, Steal: Turbo Ether and Ether
Tough. Your characters surround him on the points of a hexagon, with him in the middle. You can move to different points by using your turn, which is good, cause every time the boss is hit by any attack he counterattacks and hits all 3 points he is facing for 2500-3000 damage. Protect and haste on your entire party are almost requirements. On his regular turn. the *only* attack he uses is Berserk Tail, which, you guessed it, tries to berserk one party member, making them attack and get your whole party counterattacked. Do not summon Aeons unless they have their overdrive up, you will only have time to do one thing with them before a Glyph Mine appears under them and kills them immediately. Occasionally a couple of Glyph Mines will appear at random points, move characters off of them ASAP before they explode.
- Boss Strategy by: Sean

Time to head deeper into the ruins. Save the game and head forward. Follow your party members and save the game. You will meet Yunalesca, the toughest boss battle yet. After the talking, get prepped!
Boss: Yunalesca
First Form: 24,000 HP, AP: 0
Second Form: 48,000 HP, AP: 0
Third Form: 60,000 HP, AP: 14,000
3 forms. Hard. Not Easy at all. I'll hand this one off to the best Boss fighter, Sean.

Form #1: 20000 HP
Ah, you think to yourself, 20000 HP? There has to be a catch. And you are right. This is form #1 of this boss, and the easiest by far. Attacking with physical attacks will cause it to counter with a 200ish damage attack that negates all beneficial spells like Haste and also casts Darkness and sometimes Curse. Magic attacks are countered with Silence. You should be able to take care of it fast though. Try not to use your aeons for this form, you'll need their status immunity later.

Form #2: 40000 HP
Tougher. Counterattacks the same as above, except now alternates her turns between Hell biter (very low damage and inflicts Zombie on every party member) and Absorb (absorbs half a characters MAX HP, meaning 2 of them kills you) She does this over and over till you kill her. Shiva helps here, the other Aeons are too slow and their overdrive gives? three turns, generally Absorb Hell biter Absorb, and then you have a dead aeon. Aeons that cannot heal themselves are essentially worthless (Valefor and Bahamut if you haven't given him Cure spells) Since Absorb kills any of them in two hits. Not too hard, you say? Its not over yet!

Form #3: Around 70000 HP
Counterattacks same as above two forms, uses Hell biter alot, but now things get tricky. Now it uses Curaga (5000-6000 damage on one zombified person) and Mega Death (instant kill on all non-zombified people). Also sometimes uses Mind Blast (500-1000 damage on each character, inflicts confusion) I recommend full hasted party, two non zombified people and one zombified person at all times. Thats how I lasted the longest anyway. Aeons, assuming you even have any left alive by now, get even harder to use here with the Mega Death threat.
- Boss Strategy by: Sean

After the fight, search around for the Sun Crest. Thats needed for Tidus's Ultimate Weapon and if you miss it, you will have to come back down here. After you get it, ride the elevator back up and exit the place. Cid arrives on the scene at this point.


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