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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - The Calm Lands - A long walk

Important Items: Aeon Soul, Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII
Follow the relative path here, which leads to the huge rolling plains below. When you get there, a Rin's Traveling Agency Vehicle pulls up and scares off all of the Chocobos. Go ahead and buy any items and weapons that you need. Head North-East now until you find a semi-circular area with a shop tent there. When you arrive, a guy by the name of Father Zuke arrives. He is a summoner who quit on his Pilgrimage. He tells you some quick news. Talk to everyone and save the game here. You can also start playing Blitzball again. Before, it wouldn't let you play for a while.

Head southwest from the Shop to find Belgemine. Before talking to her though, get Ifrit or Bahamut's Overdrives full. Head into the fight with her and unleash all you have. Use either Ifrit or Bahamut and the battle should be yours. If you win, you get the Aeon Soul and 30 Power Spheres. You lose, you miss out.

Head out east until you can go to a new area on the east side. Go on in and visit the Monster Catcher. He collected monsters to train the crusaders, but he is too old to get any anymore. GO ahead and outfit two or three people with one of the special monster catching weapons. You need to catch 9 different monster species in the Calm Lands. Machina do NOT count though. Catch all 9 and return to him to receive 60 Farplane Winds! Not bad!

Head to the most upper left corner of the Calm Lands and nab AL Bhed Primer Vol. XXIII. From there, go east until you fins a Chocobo rider. Talk to the person. You can play Chocobo minigames now. Beat the first one and you can rise a Chocobo across the Calm Lands. You can also win Lvl. 1-3 key spheres from it. Afterwards, Chocobo or not, start traveling. Now, exit the calm lands in the upper right corner and move on.

The party heads through the valley, only to find more Guado guys. Seems they are not attacking head on. As your party refuses to give up at this point, a huge stone fiend approaches the party. Time to fight!

Boss: Defender X
HP: 65,000, AP: 6660, Steal: Lunar Curtain
There is only one challenge in this fight, and thatís to keep everyone at max health. Bring in Auron and do Power Break and Armor break to the stone enemy. Bring in Lulu and start pounding at him using Ice or Water. Tidus should use haste on the entire party too. Whenever someone goes down, just revive them and heal.

Keep this up and Defender X will be gone in no time. After the battle, head on out!


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