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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Bevelle Temple - The Cloister Of Trials

Where would Yuna be ? One place of course, the temple ! She is probably at the Fayth room praying right now, but first, you need to get through this Machina Maze. It isn't pretty, but Ill try to explain this...

1. Push the first pedestal inwards, turning it into a platform.
2. You are in a loop, so do not worry if you mess # 3 up.
3. On the first turn, press X when the arrow points to the right.
4. Continue down, and go straight at the next turn.
5. Go to the end, and take the sphere. Place it into the pedestal.
6. Push the pedestal into the path. Go back to the loop.
7. When you're in start of the loop, turn right on the second turn.
8. Take a sphere from the pedestal and place it into the slot.
9. Push the pedestal back into the path and start looping.
10. From the loop start, go left on turn two. Take the sphere and loop.
11. At turn 1, go right. When you reach the bottom, go left.
12. You are in loop 2. Take a right turn at the last turn.
13. Place a sphere into the slot, uncovering a glyph sphere.
14. Go back to loop 2. Now, take a right turn at the 2nd to last turn.
15. Take the Glyph sphere there and pop it into the pedestal. Go into loop 2.
16. Go right at the last turn. Go across and insert the Glyph Sphere.
17. Take the destruction sphere. Get back in loop 2.
18. Go right on the 2nd to last turn. Pop in the destruction sphere in the slot
19. Get onto the loop. Turn right at the last turn, take the sphere there.
20. Get into loop 2. Make a right turn at the first available turn.
21. Push the pedestal across. Get into the new path.
22. Go up the stairs and take the treasure. Now step on the floor glyph.
23. Take a sphere from the pedestal and place it in the nearby slot.
24. Push the pedestal into the near path, and get your treasure.
25. Ride back an enter the Chamber of Fayth.

Bevelle Temple - The Chamber of Fayth
Tidus and Kimahri try to rip open the door to the Chamber of Fayth, where Yuna is. Auron explains what is going on inside, and what the Fayth is. As Yuna gets her Aeon, Bahamut, she faints. Tidus picks her up and heads out side. Rikku yells to not come out but too late. They have been captured.


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