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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Sanubia Desert - Al Bhed HOME

Important Items: Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX, XX, and XXI
Not good! Rikku notices her home is being destroyed, so go and approach it to find out that the Guado are attacking Rikkuís home! After talking to Cid, Rikkuís dad, go into the Home. Inspect the dead people first for healing items, or leave them in their pride. Either way, save the game. Right by the Save Sphere is a wonderful Al Bhed Primer vol. XIX.. Head into the center area, only to be attacked by the Guado. Use the main strategy, steal his potions and summon an Aeon. Keep this up for every random fight you enter.

Go down the stairs and through the south hall, then you should stumble onto a few rooms. There are locked treasure chests here. They are coded in Al Bhed though, and the Al Bhed Primer Vol. XX. might help. Itís right here in the same room. To open the chest, you need to match up words that appear, with the Al Bhed translation. Primers or no Primers, I'll give the answers to you all.

#1 - Center Bottom Word
#2 - Right Center Word
#3 - The Center word

There. Now get your fabulous prize, a sphere for the ability grid. Now exit the room and go down the stairs. Go through the right-hand path after saving. Search the floor for Al Bhed Primer Vol. XXI.. Enter the blue lighted door to enter a fight. The chests in the room require Al Bhed translation. So if you got it then:

1st Number: Add both numbers
2nd Number: Subtract 2nd from the 1st
3rd Number: Multiply Numbers 1 and 2
4th Number: Add both numbers

This won't make since unless you have picked up all 21 Al Bhed Primers up to this point. The other chest asks you question you need to answer them correctly. They are displayed in Al Bhed, but if you have not gotten all the Primers:

Question 1: 3rd Option
Question 2: 4th Option
Question 3: 2nd Option
Question 4: 1st Option

You got all you need. Exit the room and go back to the Save Sphere. Take the left path this time and go into the Summoners Sanctum to learn some devastating news.

Sanubia Desert - Al Bhed HOME - Summoners Sanctum
You learn that When summoners call upon the Final Aeon, they are killed in the process. But Wakka and Lulu say that Yuna has known ever since the start, and that she wouldn't mind sacrificing herself to make people happy. So the Al Bhed have been capturing Summoners, so they don't have to die. But then again, itís the summonerís choice. They pick whether to die or not, and Yuna chose to die. But Tidus wants to stop Yuna anyway and go against her will.

Also, the Guado kidnapped Yuna during the attack. To the airship!

Before leaving, pick up the items around which include 10000 gil and some lvl 4 lock spheres under the stairs. Depart for the airship.


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