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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough - Macalania - The Cloister of Trials

Uh oh, you killed a Maester. Now you're in deep, deep doggie-doo. As you try to leave, the temple guys reset the Cloister of Trials before you can get out. Oh well, this is one of the easiest ones. Go down the ramp thing to the lower floor. Take the sphere from the very middle pillar. Put it into the pedestal. Now, push the pedestal to the right until it hits a pile of ice and stops. Now push it northwards until it falls into a hole. Follow the pedestal and take the sphere out. Put it into the left-most slot on the wall down there. Go back up, and take the newly accessible sphere. Go back down and put it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal to the right, creating a brand new 1/3 completed bridge. Now, go back up, and grab the sphere all the way on the far right side. Take it down the ramp and place it in the pillar on the left. Go back up and grab the sphere right next to the ramp going down. Then, place it in the pillar where you took the first sphere from. Now, go back up to where the ice bridge is completed, and step on the floor glyph. The pedestal is now at the top of the long ramp. Take the sphere out from the pedestal and push the pedestal down the ramp. Go down the long ramp, and onto the floor. Go down and step on the floor glyph. Take the sphere your holding and insert it into the slot on the far right of the room, making icicles appear. Take the sphere from the center pillar of the room now. Put it into the slot by the ramp leading into the basement floor. Go back to the pedestal and take the destruction sphere from it. Go to the lowest level and place it in the slot right next to the doorway. Go in and claim your prize. Go back up and push the pedestal to the right, smashing into the icicles. Take the sphere from the far right slot in the room and place it into the pedestal. Push the pedestal north causing it to fall into the basement floor. Go down there and push the pedestal to the right, completing part of the bridge. Go back up and take the sphere by the basement ramp, and place it in the pillar in the center of the room and get out of here!

Macalania - The Escape!
Oh great, the troubles still are not over. Run for your life and do not stop! If a Guado catches up with you, you must fight it along with 2 powerful enemies. If you do get in a fight with one, I suggest stealing their potions so they cannot heal. Keep running until you get to a snowy, rocky area. It forks into two paths. Take the right path for time purposes. As you finally escape, you run into...

Boss: Windigo
HP: 18000, AP: 3160, Steal: Hi-Potion
This fight can get very rough. Bring in Rikku, Yuna, and Wakka. Have Wakka keep using sleep attack to keep the beast asleep. Have Rikku steal the potions off the guards. Switch Rikku for Auron. The guards may cast berserk on Windigo, doubling the creature’s attack power. Counter-act that with using Auron's threaten, to un-berserk it, and use Power Break to make it weak. Summon Shiva ASAP to do some major damage. Kill off the guards first, and if Shiva goes down, bring in Ifrit, then Valefor, and then Ixion. Keep up the Sleep attack and Windigo is toast.

Macalania - Under the Ice
Saving the game is a great idea here. Talk to everyone multiple times to make sure you get out. All of a sudden, Sin revisits you guys! This time, no battle....


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