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Zanarkand - The Beginning
Al Bhed - Lost at Sea
Al Bhed - The Ship
Besaid Island - Intro
Besaid Temple - Cloister of Trials
SS Liki - Trouble Brews
Kilika - Recovery Operation
Kilika Temple - Sinspawn Again
Kilika Temple - Cloister of Trials
SS Winno - Exploration
Luca - The Blitzball Begins
Luca - The Blitzball Opening Season Tourney
Mi'ihen - The Road
Mi'ihen - Mushroom Gates
Mi'ihen - The Dangerous Operation
Djose Highroad - To the Temple
Djose Temple - The Cloister of Trials
Moonflow Path - Travelling
Guadosalam - Talking arises
Thunder Plains - Onto Macalania
Macalania - The Journey to the Temple
Macalania - Lake Macalania
Macalania - The Cloister of Trials
The Desert - Sanubia Desert Oasis
Sanubia Desert - Al Bhed HOME
Airship - A Narrow Escape
Bevelle - A marriage gone wrong
Bevelle Temple - The Cloister Of Trials
Bevelle - The High Court
Bevelle - Reunited
Macalania Woods - Resting Up
The Calm Lands - A long walk
Mount Gagazet - An even longer walk
Mount Gagazet - The Caverns and Trials
Zanarkand Ruins - Revisiting old Memories
Zanarkand Ruins - The Cloister of Trials
Airship - The Final Destination
The Final Confrontation - Battles
The Final Confrontation - Seymour Again
The Final Confrontation - The Tower


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