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Final Fantasy X Sphere Grid

Sphere Grid Basics
Yeah, I know most of you already understand this, but I'll explain it anyway for the sake of those who are new to the game.

In order to move around the grid you'll need sphere levels (S.LvL) which you will then spend as you move around. Gaining them is just like leveling up your characters in previous FFs. But now, instead of getting EXP after each battle, you receive AP.

If you wish to move from one node to another, you have to spend the same amount of S.LvL depending on how far you want to go. For example, if you move 1 step forward then you will have to spend 1 sphere level and so on.

What if you want to return to a certain part of the grid? You'll also use your S.LvL. But this time you'll be allowed to move 4 Steps Backward using 1 Sphere level.

Activating Nodes
You activate nodes that contain character attributes (strength+, magic+, defense+, etc) and abilities. Just press O then choose Use from the command window. Another menu will appear, there choose the necessary sphere to activate the node.

Sphere List
Sphere Name Function
Power Sphere Activates HP, Defense and Strength nodes
Mana Sphere Activates Magic, Magic Defense and MP nodes
Speed Sphere Activates Accuracy, Agility and Evasion nodes
Ability Sphere Activates Ability nodes
Fortune Sphere Activates Luck nodes
Attribute Sphere Activates Attribute node already used by ally
Special Sphere Activates Special node already used by ally
Skill Sphere Activates Skill node already used by ally
Wht Magic Sphere Activates Wht Magic node already used by ally
Blk Magic Sphere Activates Blk Magic node already used by ally
Master Sphere Activates any Ability or Attribute node
HP Sphere Converts empty node to HP node
MP Sphere Converts empty node to MP node
Strength Sphere Converts empty node to Strength node
Defense Sphere Converts empty node to Defense node
Magic Sphere Converts empty node to Magic node
Magic Defense Sphere Converts empty node to Magic Defense node
Agility Sphere Converts empty node to Agility node
Luck Sphere Converts empty node to Luck node
Evasion Sphere Converts empty node to Evasion node
Accuracy Sphere Converts empty node to Accuracy node
Lv 1 Key Sphere Opens Level 1 lock
Lv 2 Key Sphere Opens Level 2 lock
Lv 3 Key Sphere Opens Level 3 lock
Lv 4 Key Sphere Opens Level 4 lock
Clear Sphere Turns any non-empty node to empty node
Return Sphere Return to any previously activated node
Friend Sphere Move to any ally's location
Teleport Sphere Move to any node activated by an ally
Warp Sphere Move to any node


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