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Final Fantasy X Overdrive List

Here's the list of all the overdrives of the characters. I'll also include info on how to get the particular technique.

Overdrive Name: Swordplay
Technique Name: Spiral Cut
Description: Inflicts moderate damage on 1 target.
Requirement: None, default

Technique Name: Slice & Dice
Description: Performs 6 consecutive slashes against random targets
Requirement: Execute 10 Spiral Cuts

Technique Name: Energy Rain
Description: Deals massive damage against all targets
Requirement: Execute 30 Slice & Dice

Technique Name: Blitz Ace
Description: Performs 9 consecutive powerful slashes plus massive damage with the Blitz ball against 1 target.
Requirement: Execute 80 Energy Rains

Overdrive Name: Grand Summon
Description: Summons an Aeon at Overdrive
Requirement: None, default

Overdrive Name: Bushido
Technique Name: Dragon Fang
Button Combination: Down, Left, Up, Right, L1, R1, X, O
Description: Deals moderate damage against all targets.
Requirement: None, default

Technique Name: Shooting Star
Button Combination: Triangle, X, Square, O, Left, Right, O
Description: Ejects target from battle
Requirement: Obtain 1 Jecht Sphere

Technique Name: Banishing Blade
Button Combination: Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle
Description: Inflicts Full Break on 1 target
Requirement: Obtain 3 Jecht Spheres

Technique Name: Tornado
Button Combination: O, Right, R1, Left, L1, Triangle
Description: Inflicts massive damage against all targets
Requirement: Obtain 10 Jecht Spheres

Overdrive Name
: Slots
Technique Name: Element Reels
Description: no match means a critical hit without any elemental attribute.
2 matches would mean a hit with that element against 1 random target.
3 matches means elemental damage against all targets.
Requirement: None, default

Technique Name: Attack Reels
Description: Allows Wakka to deal a large number of hits depending on the matches you managed to get.
Requirement: Win 1st place at the Blitz Ball Tournament.

Technique Name: Status Reels
Description: Adds status to your attack depending on the match you got.
Requirement: Win 1st place at the Blitz Ball League.

Technique Name: Auroch Reels
Description: Allows Wakka to deal massive damage (over 9999 if you managed to match 3 Auroch logos)
Requirement: Win 1st place at the Blitz Ball Tournament.

Overdrive Name: Fury
Description: You'll have to rotate the right analog stick clockwise to cast a spell several times.
Available Spells: Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Fira, Blizzara, Thundara, Watera, Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga, Waterga, Bio, Demi, Death, Drain, Osmose, Flare, Ultima
Requirement: None, default

Overdrive Name: Mix
Description: You have to pick two items from your inventory and see what you created.
Requirement: None, default.

Overdrive Name: Ronso Rage
Technique Name: Seed Cannon
Description: Inflicts Confusion on 1 target.
Learned From: Ragora, Grat

Technique Name: Jump
Description: Kimahri jumps and disappears from the screen, then comes back down on the enemy dealing moderate damage.
Learned From: Default

Technique Name: Stone Breath
Description: Inflicts Petrify on all targets.
Learned From: Basilisk, Anacodaur, Biran

Technique Name: Self Destruct
Description: Kimahri explodes, dealing damage on all targets. But he will be gone all throughout the battle.
Learned From: Grenade, Bomb

Technique Name: Fire Breath
Description: Deals Fire elemental damage on all targets
Learned From: Dual Horn, Yenke

Technique Name: Aqua Breath
Description: Deals Water elemental damage on all targets.
Learned From: Chimera, Chimera Brain, Yenke

Technique Name: Bad Breath
Description: Inflicts a number of status ailments on all targets
Learned From: Malboro, Great Malboro

Technique Name: Doom
Description: A countdown begins, which starts at 20. When it reaches 0 the target dies.
Learned From: Ghost, Wraith, Biran

Technique Name: Thrust Kick
Description: Ejects target from battle.
Learned From: YKT11, Yenke

Technique Name: White Wind
Description: Heals party equal to the amount of Kimahri's HP, plus removes all negative status effects.
Learned From: Dark Flan, Yenke

Technique Name: Mighty Guard
Description: Casts Protect, Shell, and NulAll on party.
Learned From: Behemoth, Behemoth King, Biran

Technique Name: Nova
Description: Massive non-elemental damage on all targets.
Learned From: Omega Weapon


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