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Final Fantasy X Magic List

Blue Magic

White Magic

Name MP Description
Cure 4 Restores a small amount of HP.
Cura 10 Restores an average amount of HP.
Curaga 20 Restores a massive amount of HP.
Esuna 5 Cure ally of all status ailments.
Scan 1 Shows the enemy's HP and other stats.
Nulblaze 2 Immune to Fire Magic for 1 Turn.
Nulfrost 2 Immune to Ice Magic for 1 Turn.
Nulshock 2 Immune to Lightning Magic for 1 Turn.
Nultide 2 Immune to Water Magic for 1 Turn.
Life 18 Revives character from KO status and restores a small amount of HP.
Full-Life 60 Revives character from KO status and restores characters HP fully.
Haste 8 Quickens a character's turn.
Hastega 30 Quickens all characters' turn (Only characters in battle).
Slow 12 Slows down an enemy's turn.
Slowga 20 Slows down all enemies' turn.
Shell 10 Reduce damage taken from Magic Attack.
Protect 12 Reduce damage taken from Physical Attack.
Reflect 14 Bounce the magic back to its caster.
Dispel 12 Remove all spells from a character that affect his/her physical status.
Regen 40 Gradually recover HP.
Holy 85 Deals holy damage to an enemy.
Auto-Life 97 Auto-Revive a character after he/she gets knocked down.

Black Magic
Name MP Description
Fire 4 Deals a small amount of fire damage.
Fira 8 Deals an iressive amount of fire damage.
Firaga 16 Deals a massive amount of fire damage.
Thunder 8 Deals a small amount of lightning damage.
Thundara 8 Deals an iressive amount of lightning damage.
Thundaga 16 Deals a massive amount of lightning damage.
Water 4 Deals a small amount of water damage.
Watera 8 Deals an iressive amount of water damage.
Waterga 16 Deals a massive amount of water damage.
Blizzard 4 Deals a small amount of ice damage.
Blizzara 8 Deals an iressive amount of ice damage.
Blizzaga 16 Deals a massive amount of ice damage.
Bio 10 Poisons the enemy, which drains HP from it every turn.
Demi 32 Reduces the enemy's HP by 1/4.
Death 20 Kills the enemy instantly.
Drain 12 Transfers enemy's HP to the caster.
Osmose None Transfers enemy's MP to the caster.
Flare 54 Deals non-elemental damage to the enemy.
Ultima 90 Deals non-elemental damage to all enemies.


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