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Final Fantasy X Jecht Spheres

These are Spheres where Jecht recorded his memories during his journey with Lord Braska and Auron to Zanarkand. Here's a list of all the Spheres and their locations.

Sphere # 1
Location: Macalania Woods. You'll get this after defeating Spherimorph.
Event: Jecht's message for Tidus.

Sphere # 2
Location: Macalania Woods South
Event: This one shows how Jecht ended up being Braska's guardian.

Sphere # 3
Location: Besaid Village. Check the area to the right of the temple entrance.
Event: This shows what happened when the trio first arrived in Besaid.

Sphere # 4
Location: Bridge of S.S. Liki
Event: Jecht, Braska and Auron on their way to Kilika.

Sphere # 5
Location: Luca Stadium Basement A. Outside Auroch's locker room.
Event: Jecht and Auron talks about Blitz Ball and Tidus.

Sphere # 6
Location: Southmost end of Old Road (Mi'ihen Highroad)
Event: Jecht, Braska and Auron fights Chocobo Eater.

Sphere # 7
Location: Mushroom Rock Precipice, close to elevator.
Event: Auron talking to Kinoc about him leaving with Braska to Zanarkand

Sphere # 8
Location: Moonflow South Wharf
Event: Jecht's regrets about attacking the Shoopuf.

Sphere # 9
Location: Thunder Plains South (east area)
Event: The three of them leaving the Thunder Plains to Guadosalam.

Sphere # 10
Location: Gagazet Mountain Trail
Event: Braska's message for Yuna


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