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Final Fantasy X Hidden Aeons

You have to go to Baaj Temple, enter the coordinates at the airship to access this area.

Baaj Temple
Treasures: Megalixir, Mega Pheonix x4
Save your game first then go north, Tidus will automatically jump at the end. When you regain control after the short scene, head for the entrance. You'll meet the big fish once more.

Boss: Geosgaeno
HP: 32,767, AP: 4,200, Gil: 1,000, Items: Ability Sphere x4
Equip: Reflect Shield/Variable Mog, Steal: Water Gem
Make sure your party has a Stone Ward armor equipped since his Stone Punch causes Petrification. Cast Hastega on yourself first then attack. Use Bomb Core on him if you have it. After a few turns he'll swallow one of your characters, use the Trigger Command: Struggle to deal twice as much damage.

But take note that if one of your characters are still inside him the moment he dies, he'll spit that character out dealing 9,999 damage on everyone! So just make sure his stomach is empty before you kill him.
After that, dive and go south. Check around the area to find the chest with the Onion Knight, you'll need the Celestial Mirror to open it though. (more on that later) Proceed into the temple.

Inside, you'll see 6 statues. Approch each one to activate it. If you managed to Get all the Destruction Sphere Treasures From Each Temple including the one in Zanarkand the door will open. After some scenes, you'll receive Anima.

He is inside the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. It is located below the valley where you fought Defender X. Get down there and proceed to the next area.

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Treasures: Megalixir, Lv. 2 Key Sphere, Fortune Sphere, Mega-Potion x2, Flexible Arm, X-Potion x2, Teleport Sphere x2, MP Sphere
Here, check every corner of the cavern for some treasures. Then keep going towards the end, there will be a save sphere here. Save first and continue on. There will be some scenes, you'll battle Yojimbo afterwards.

Boss: Lady Ginnem/Yojimbo
HP: 33,000, AP: 0, Gil: 0, Items: none , Equip: none, Steal: nothing
Just unload on him with all you got and use your aeons here as much as possible to kill him quickly. Once his overdrive gauge is full, he'll do Zanmato so summon an aeon immediately to shield yourself.

Step on the teleport panel and go to the areas which are indicated with ??? for some treasures. Proceed to the Chamber of Fayth afterwards. Inside, you'll see some scenes. Yojimbo will ask you to pay him 250,000 Gil. Its up to you how much you'll offer, the higher the price the better the items he'll give you in return. Yojimbo will join you after that.

Magus Sisters
To get this Aeon you need 2 items:

Flower Scepter - Defeat Belgemine's Bahamut aeon in Remiem Temple
Blossom Crown - You'll receive this from the monster trainer at the Calm Lands training arena once you've captured all the monsters in Mt. Gagazet and Gagazet Mountain Cave.

Once you have both items, go back to Remiem Temple and examine the glowing glyph on the door to the north and use the 2 items there.

Reminder: You must have both Anima and Yojimbo before going to the Remiem Temple to get the Magus Sisters.


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